Top 12 Integrated Circuits (IC) Distributors In Taiwan

 Integrated Circuits(ICs) distributors in Taiwan

Taiwan, which is in the middle of Asia, has become a world leader in computer parts. This island country has become a major player in the world electronics industry thanks to its advanced technology and new ideas. Taiwan has a large community of makers, distributors, and innovators that work together to make high-quality electronic parts that help the world’s technology move forward.

The Role of Integrated Circuits (ICs) in Today’s Technology

One of the most important parts of current technology is Integrated Circuits (ICs). These very small electronic circuits are what make up almost all of the electronics we use every day. When it comes to smartphones, medical equipment, cars, and complex industrial gear, integrated circuits (ICs) are the building blocks that make these things work.

Technology keeps getting better, which means that computer parts need to be more efficient, powerful, and small. If you look at this world, ICs are like the foundation on which all the different devices’ complex functions are made. It’s impossible to deny how important they are—they spark ideas that shape our connected world.

Because of this, Taiwan’s ability to make and sell integrated circuits (ICs) is a key part of its input to the world’s electronics industry. Taiwan’s dedication to providing cutting-edge electronic parts to meet the constantly changing needs of modern technology is shown by the fact that many major wholesalers are based there.

Rantle East Electronic Trading Co.,Limited

Rantle East Electronic Trading Co.,Limited

Established in 2003, Rantle East Electronic has solidified its position as a premier wholesale distributor, offering comprehensive sourcing solutions for diverse electronic components. Their unique edge lies in accessing both current and obsolete parts through a robust Trusted Supplier Network. This capability ensures a reliable supply chain for clients seeking specific components, irrespective of their availability in the market.

Rutronik Electronics Taiwan

Rutronik Electronics Taiwan

From its humble beginnings as a family-owned company, Rutronik Electronics has grown into a global distributor, boasting substantial sales figures and decades of industry experience. Their headquarters in Taipei City exemplifies their dedication to servicing the vibrant electronics industry hub in Taiwan.

  • Address: 3F., No, No. 183, Zhouzi St, Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11493

KEMET Electronics Asia Ltd Taiwan Branch

KEMET Electronics Asia Ltd Taiwan Branch 

KEMET Electronics is dedicated to shaping a better future through capacitor technologies and a wide array of electromechanical devices. Their presence in Taiwan reflects their commitment to innovation and providing diverse solutions in the electronic components realm.

  • Address: 231, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Xindian District, Baoqiao Rd, 233-1號3樓

Future Electronics Taiwan

Future Electronics Taiwan

Future Electronics stands tall with a global footprint and robust supply chain solutions. Their prowess in engineering and innovation ensures access to top-notch electronic components. Located in Taipei City, their accessible sales team fosters seamless client interactions.

  • Address: No. 69, Dongxing Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105



SCHURTER’s commitment to innovation and distribution shines through in their offerings of fuses, connectors, and EMC products. Their location in Taipei City signifies their role in providing essential electronic components to the Taiwanese market.

  • Address: Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, 37F, No. 7, Xinyi Rd Section 5,110Taipei 101

Delta Electronics Inc Taiwan

Delta Electronics Inc Taiwan

An international corporation headquartered in Taiwan, Delta Electronics, Inc. focuses on producing power and thermal management products. Since its founding in 1971, the business has expanded to become a major player in the electronics sector, operating in more than 160 nations and employing more than 100,000 people globally.

Power supplies, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions are just a few of the many goods and services that Delta Electronics, Inc. provides. Products from the company are essential in a wide range of industries, including renewable energy, data centers, medical equipment, transportation, and telecommunications.

Delta Electronics, Inc. has recently focused on making environmentally friendly products. As a result, the business has received various accolades and certifications for its environmental and social performance.

  • Address: No. 39, Section 2, Huandong Rd, Shanhua District, Tainan City, Taiwan 741

TE Connectivity Taiwan

TE Connectivity Taiwan

TE Connectivity’s provision of reliable connectors and sensors for various devices, even in harsh environments, underscores their importance. Their location in Taipei City emphasizes their accessibility and contribution to the electronic components industry in Taiwan.

  • Address: 110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Dongxing Rd, 45號3樓

RS Components New Taipei city

RS Components New Taipei city

RS Components emerges as a leading distributor of electronic, electrical, and industrial components. Their efficient online ordering system and prompt delivery services cater to the needs of clients in New Taipei City, streamlining the procurement process for electronic components.

  • Address: 8F.-2. No, No. 1, Zhongzheng Rd, Tucheng District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 23670

Walsin Technology Corporation

Established in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Walsin Technology Corporation has spearheaded advancements in passive electronic components. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, the company has carved a niche in producing high-quality ceramic capacitors, chip resistors, inductors, and varistors.

The impact of Walsin’s components reverberates across diverse sectors, from computing and telecommunications to automotive and consumer electronics. These components are the silent heroes powering the functionalities of computers, cell phones, televisions, automobiles, and myriad other electronic applications.

Walsin Technology Corporation’s global presence is reinforced by factories in Taiwan, China, and Indonesia, underscoring their commitment to serving a worldwide clientele. Holding certifications like ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 14001 highlights their unwavering dedication to manufacturing excellence and quality assurance.

Beyond manufacturing passive components, Walsin drives innovation through research and development initiatives. Their forays into wireless charging and energy harvesting technologies exemplify their commitment to shaping the future of electronics. By focusing on the IoT and smart device industries, Walsin endeavors to be at the forefront of providing cutting-edge electrical solutions.

With a vision to establish itself as a market leader, Walsin Technology Corporation envisions a future where their electrical parts empower the ever-expanding realm of connected devices. By anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of IoT and smart devices, the company aims to redefine industry standards and contribute significantly to technological advancement.

  • Headquarters: Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan

Yageo Corporation

Since its inception in 1977, Yageo Corporation has emerged as a prominent multinational corporation, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Renowned for its production of passive electronic components, Yageo ranks among the foremost producers of chip resistors, MLCC, and various other electronic parts.

Yageo’s components are integral to numerous electronic devices, including cellphones, computers, televisions, and automotive systems. Their commitment to producing high-quality components ensures the seamless functionality and reliability of these gadgets.

With a robust worldwide network of sales and distribution channels, Yageo serves a global clientele. The corporation’s production sites in Asia, Europe, and the Americas reinforce their commitment to meeting the demands of diverse markets while ensuring a consistent supply of top-notch electronic components.

Yageo’s dedication to quality and innovation has been validated through numerous awards and accolades. Their operational excellence and high-quality products have garnered recognition within the industry, solidifying their position as a leader in passive electronic components.

Beyond their contributions to the electronics industry, Yageo Corporation places a significant emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. Through various measures aimed at reducing environmental impact and supporting regional communities, Yageo exemplifies its commitment to fostering a sustainable future while fulfilling its social obligations.

Headquarters: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Lite-On Technology Corporation

Lite-On Technology Corporation

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Taipei, Lite-On Technology Corporation stands as a premier Taiwanese company specializing in the design, development, and production of an extensive array of electronic goods and components. Their diverse product portfolio spans solid-state drives (SSDs), optical disc drives, power supplies, LED lighting solutions, and various technical parts.

Lite-On not only produces a wide range of electronic components but also manufactures finished goods under its brand. Serving as both an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for other businesses showcases their expertise and versatility in the electronics market.

With manufacturing plants and sales offices across China, Vietnam, the United States, and Europe, Lite-On has established a global presence. This strategic distribution of facilities emphasizes their commitment to catering to diverse markets while ensuring localized support and accessibility for customers worldwide.

Lite-On’s dedication to innovation is evident in its continual pursuit of cutting-edge technologies and product development. Furthermore, the corporation places a high priority on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), aligning its operations with environmental consciousness and community welfare.

  • Headquarters: Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan

Nanya Technology Corporation

Nanya Technology Corporation stands as a frontrunner in the realm of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) products. Specializing in the design and production of premium DRAM modules, their offerings cater to a diverse array of products, including servers, mobile devices, and personal PCs.

Renowned for their hallmark traits of high quality, reliability, and superior performance, Nanya’s DRAM products have earned trust and acclaim within the industry. Their consistent focus on delivering top-notch performance underscores their commitment to meeting the demands of a tech-driven world.

Nanya Technology Corporation sets itself apart by channeling significant investments into bleeding-edge R&D initiatives in DRAM technology. This strategic approach ensures their products remain current and consistently offer cutting-edge performance, aligning with the ever-evolving tech landscape.

With a longstanding track record of achievements in the DRAM market, Nanya Technology enjoys widespread customer confidence. Their continuous commitment to excellence and innovation has solidified their position as a trusted and reputable player in the industry.

Beyond technological prowess, Nanya places significant emphasis on environmental sustainability. The implementation of various programs aimed at minimizing their environmental impact signifies their dedication to responsible corporate citizenship.

  • Headquarters: Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan

ASE Group

ASE Group

ASE Technology Holding stands as the foremost provider of semiconductor manufacturing services, specializing in assembly and testing. Their comprehensive suite of services covers the entire semiconductor manufacturing spectrum, offering end-to-end solutions for clients in the industry.

ASEH’s offerings encompass a wide range of services, including front-end engineering test, wafer probing, IC packaging and modules, materials, final test, system, and board level integration. Their ability to provide complete turnkey solutions streamlines the semiconductor manufacturing process, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

The company’s expertise extends beyond traditional manufacturing services to encompass electronic design and manufacturing services (EMS). This comprehensive approach allows them to cater to the evolving needs of clients across various industries.

ASE Technology Holding is headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, strategically positioned within the heart of the semiconductor manufacturing hub. This location emphasizes their commitment to being at the forefront of innovation and technology in the industry.

  • Address: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Fueling Taiwan’s Dominance in the Global ICs Market

Collective Impact of Distributors

Taiwan’s domination in the global market is due in large part to the cooperation of its top ICs distributors. With their combined efforts, these wholesalers have made Taiwan even stronger as an electronics industry powerhouse. Taiwan is a popular place to buy integrated circuits and other electronic parts because they have a wide range of goods, are dedicated to innovation, and have high quality standards.

Innovations Driving Market Advancements

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies:These companies keep putting money into new technologies that make the field of electronic components better. Their research and development (R&D) efforts have led to new ideas in wireless charging, energy gathering, and making semiconductors.
  • Quality Standards:These companies have set the standards for reliability, durability, and performance in ICs by putting a lot of emphasis on strict quality control measures. Their commitment to world quality standards guarantees that the products they make are always of high quality.
  • Sustainability Practices:Notably, these wholesalers care about the environment and use eco-friendly methods in their production processes. They make sustainability a part of their business philosophy by doing things like reducing their impact on the earth and getting involved in the community.

Importance of Taiwan’s Strategic Location and Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Geopolitical Advantage:Taiwan’s strategic position makes it easy for companies in the electronics industry to reach important markets in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
  • Manufacturing Excellence:These distributors can make new, high-quality ICs and electronic parts because the country has strong manufacturing skills and a skilled workforce. Having state-of-the-art facilities makes sure that production methods are reliable and efficient.

Shaping the Distribution Landscape

Taiwan’s position as a global hub for semiconductor manufacturing, coupled with the operational excellence of these distributors, shapes the distribution landscape in profound ways. Their ability to adapt to evolving market needs, maintain high-quality standards, and innovate sustainably cements Taiwan’s influence in the global ICs market.


In closing, the collaborative force of these distributors not only underscores Taiwan’s robust stature as a hub for electronic components but also amplifies its pivotal role in the global electronics industry. Their diverse offerings, unwavering commitment to innovation, and strategic presence in Taipei City and beyond solidify Taiwan’s standing as an indispensable leader in advancing the world of technology.

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