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The INA139NA is a unipolar, current monitor shunt and a high-side.

Common-mode wide input voltage range, lower quiescent current and highspeed enable RANTLE’s INA139NA to be used in wide array of applications.

Power supply voltages and input common-mode are independent as well as ranging from 2.7V to about 40V.

The quiescent current of RANTLE’s INA139NA is 60µA only.

INA139NA price

It allows the power supply to be connected to which side of current shunt measurement with only a minimal error.

INA139NA as being supplied by RANTLE, can convert a certain differential voltage output in to a certain current output.

The converted current will be converted back as a voltage that has an external resistor load which sets gain from a 1 to above 100.

Although INA139NA is designed for a current measurement shunt, it is also suitable for level and measurement shifting and other creative applications.

High-quality INA139NA from RANTLE has a –40°C to about +85°C range of industrial temperature.

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Reliable INA139NA Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

INA139NA distributed by RANTLE has a high-side unipolar current circuit measurement that allows an optimized performance.

Common-mode and wide supply range is also equipped in to RANTLE’s best quality INA139NA.

Input common-mode and independent supply voltages are also few of RANTLE’s INA139NA salient features.

Single gain set resistor is also admirable feature of RANTLE’s INA139NA.

INA139NA distributor

For most industries, RANTLE’s excellent quality INA139NA is applicable and very useful.

Normally, it is used in current measurement shunt in industries such as automotive, computer or telephone.

It is also widely utilized device in battery back-up and portable systems.

Furthermore, RANTLE’s unrivaled quality of INA139NA is also utilized in battery chargers.

Power management and other related industry can also use RANTLE’s INA139NA.

Our best quality INA139NA is applicable for cellphones, current precision source and other similar uses.

With RANTLE, surely you can find the best INA139NA which suits your desired applications.

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Choose RANTLE! RANTLE sells brands of a semiconductor and electronic parts and components which includes diode, module, connector, capacitor, resistor, transistor, IC and more.

With that, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your needs.

With all our products, we have performed a careful and precise quality inspection before delivery.

INA139NA supplier

So, you can buy INA139NA at RANTLE with confidence.

Aside from that, we already have 16 years of distribution experience in the filed of electronic components.

Due to that, we are well-known as the most trusted and leading supplier and distributor in China.

We take pride in providing the most excellent quality INA139NA and other electronic parts.

We offer INA139NA which is processed in an advanced technology.

Plus, our competitive rate and rapid delivery will help you save time, effort and money.

Indeed, RANTLE can be your trusted business partner!

You don’t have to worry if you purchase from us since all our products are guaranteed to be all standards.

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