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  • Signaling Rate: 25 Mbps
  • Integrated Noise Filter on the Inputs
  • Robust Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Isolation Barrier Life: > 25 Years
  • ISO7321CDR

RANTLE ISO7321CDR offers up to 3000V galvanic isolation per UL for 1 minute. It is comprised with isolated channels that has output and input logic buffers.

It is separated by a silicon dioxide barrier insulation. In case there is signal loss or input power, there is a low default output. Our ISO7321CDR is used as a conjunction that has isolated power.

ISO7321CDR Supplier

This allows the device to avoid noise current on circuits and data bus to enter the local ground.

It will also damage and interfere sensitive circuits. RANTLE ISO7321CDR has noise integrated filters when you are in a harsh or industrial environment.

It helps to reduce noise that is present in input device pins. RANTLE ISO7321CDR is compatible with TTL input. It can operate 3V up to 5.5V power supply level.

It also has improved electromagnetic adaptability to allow ESD system level, EFT, emission and surge compliance.

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ISO7321CDR Features

ISO7321CDR Features

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Reliable ISO7321CDR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE ISO7321CDR features 25Mbps signaling rate. It has noise integrated filter inputs. It also provides low or high default output options. Our ISO7321CDR consumes low power supply up to 5V only. It also has 33ns typical low delay propagation. We provide ISO7321CDR level translation from 3.3V to 5V. Its wide temperature is ranging from –40°C up to 125°C.

RANTLE ISO7321CDR has typical transient immunity up to 65 KV/μs. It also features advanced electromagnetic compatibility and 25 years isolation life barrier. It provides narrow SOIC-8 body package. Our ISO7321CDR has regulatory and safety approvals. It is CQC certified and CSA acceptance notice. It also has 3000V isolation per UL every 1 minute.

ISO7321CDR Distributor

RANTLE ISO7321CDR has a wide range of application as well. It is suitable for opto-coupler replacement. This includes device net, Profibus, data bus and Modbus. It is also best to use for battery packs and motor controls. This is also ideal to apply with power supplies, control servo interface and industrial field bus.

RANTLE will always ready to help you find what you need. Whether you need ISO7321CDR or other electronic components, RANTLE has a lot to offer. You can choose among our 300 model numbers including ISO7321CDR. We always wanted to be your greatest business partner. That is why we worked hard to provide you highest quality model number you can ever have. With RANTLE, sourcing of electronic components becomes easier.

ISO7321CDR Application Board

RANTLE have broad networks of dealers worldwide. We will help you find the right model number for your desired use or application. If you are looking for a high quality ISO7321CDR, RANTLE has a lot of stock available to be delivered even in a short notice. We also offer the most excellent services you can’t have from other distributors.

For over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are able to found a strong business relationship among electronic components worldwide. Because of this, we became the most trusted and reliable leading supplier and distributor of electronic components worldwide. Aside from high quality electronic components and best services, we also offer 2-5 days delivery of your order. Just let us know your thoughts and we will help you!

ISO7321CDR Applications

ISO7321CDR Applications

ISO7321CDR Description

ISO7321CDR Description

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