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IT8209R Distributor - Your Best IT8209R Supplier in China

Rantle is a reliable distributor of ITE IT8209R in China. Perfect in various applications. This IT8209R offers a high accuracy application and excellent performance. Rantle is well-known as the best and popular IT8209R distributor for many years.


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Rantle has a wide range of IT8209R for different applications. The IT8209R from Rantle is ideal for instrumentation application where good stability and high precision is needed.

The ITE IC components IT8209R incorporates an extended PCI arbiter and clock buffer,

When PCICLKI input becomes inactive, the IT8209R will enter power-down mode. In power-down mode, all clock outputs are low and other control outputs are dis-asserted.

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ITE IT8209R designed to satisfy the requirement for a standard interface for connecting peripherals to a PC, capable of sustaining the high data transfer rates needed by modern graphics controllers, storage media, network interface cards and other devices.

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IT8209R incorporates an extended PCI arbiter and a clock buffer. The extended PCI arbiter utilizes one set of SYSGNT# and SYSREQ# to support 3 PCI Masters, so that two more PCI Masters can be supported for the system.

PCISTOP# input signal is useful to facilitate the fairness arbitration. The clock buffer provides 4 zero delay and low jitter clock sources.

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PCICLKI is the clock input of the clock buffer, and PCICLKOUT is the clock output fed back internally to the input of the built-in PLL to reduce the clock skew. If zero clock skew is required, PCICLKOUT and PCICLK1 to PCICLK4 must be equally loaded.

When PCICLKI input becomes inactive, IT8209R will enter power down mode. In power down mode, all clock outputs are low and other control outputs are deasserted.

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