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  • Competitive Price for KC2520C54.0000C2LE00
  • CMOS oscillator type
  • MHz nominal frequency up to 54.0
  • Operating frequency: minimum of 1.5 MHz
  • Low output current: max up to 4.0 mA
  • KC2520C54.0000C2LE00

RANTLE KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 features CMOS oscillator type and 4.0 ns maximum fall time. It does not require mechanical frequency adjustments. With 15.0 ppm frequency stability, RANTLE KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 able to provide higher performance for you. It also has an e4 code JESD-609 and high quality 4 terminals. RANTLE KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 has a surface mounting feature. It can operate up to 54.0 MHz nominal frequency.

KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 Supplier

Our KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 has a minimum of 1.5 MHz operating frequency. It also has maximum of 54.0 MHz operating frequency. RANTLE KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 is with minimum of -40.0 Celsius operating temperature. It also has maximum 85.0 Celsius operating temperature. It does have a 15pF. With RANTLE you can surely have the best KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 and other electronic components.

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KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 Features

KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 Features

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Reliable KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Our KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 also provides low output current maximum up to 4.0 mA. It does have ceramic body package material. Our KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 also offers maximum of 4 ns rising time. It has other oscillators for another sub category. It also has a supply current up to maximum of 6.0 A. A minimum of 2.25 V of supply voltage is provided by RANTLE KC2520C54.0000C2LE00.

Our KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 also features maximum of 3.63 V supply voltage to give higher and better performance level. RANTLE KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 offers nickel gold terminal finish. It is incorporated with enable/disable standby function. It also has a 2.5mmx2.0mmx0.7mm physical dimension and a LCC4,.08X.1,63/47 equivalence package code. RANTLE KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 offers lower power consumption for a longer life. Our KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 is RoHS compliant. RANTLE KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 is best and ideally suitable for Wi-Fi use, Bluetooth and etc.

KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 Distributor

If you want to buy KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 and other electronic components for your business, RANTLE will be your number one reliable supplier. We will make your sourcing of electronic components including KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 becomes easy. You don’t have to worry anymore. We have almost 300 model numbers available that can really help your business.

RANTLE offers high quality KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 and other electronic components. We always want to give you our most valuable services. Fast delivery is also provided by RANTLE. We can deliver your KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 and other electronic components to your home or warehouse for only 2-5 days.

For over 16 years of experience in distributing electronic components, we have gained the title as the most reliable and leading distributor and supplier of electronic components globally. We have friendly and affectionate staff and personnel to help and guide you if ever you buy KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 and other electronic components from us.

How to order KC2520C-C2 Series

How to order KC2520C-C2 Series

KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 Dimensions

KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 Dimensions

Choose RANTLE to be your distributor of electronic components. You will never encounter problems when you purchase KC2520C54.0000C2LE00 and other electronic components from us. We are always online to provide you easy access of our services. Just contact us and send your requirements so that we can give you your desired electronic components.

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