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  • Adjustable in accessible output voltage from 0.9 V to VIN
  • Provides outstanding regulation during a load transient
  • There are protection thermal shutdown and low protection circuit
  • Work for a maximum duty of 100%  cycle
  • LA8521PG
  • LA8521PG -2

LA8521PG RANTLE is a mode voltage, these voltage range output of LA8521PG are from 3.7V to 25V.

LA8521PG are adjustable in accessible output voltage from 0.9 V to VIN.

These LA8521PG device supply an enable purpose to be manage by the logic signal external.

LA8521PG supply current is only 4mA operation and under 1uA in shutdown.

It also provides outstanding regulation during a load transient.

RANTLE LA8521PG featured a current limit, there are protection thermal shutdown and low protection circuit.

These LA8521PG protection anticipate internal power of metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor.

These implement produce an excessive regulation.

LA8521PG Supplier

LA8521PG can also work for a maximum duty of 100%  cycle.

It use for low drop-out state.

LA8521PG step- down direct current converter that can plan to meet a 6A output current, and can utilize to control the strategy of 300KHz stable frequency switches.

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LA8521PG have an excellent characteristics, RANTLE LA8521PG voltage mode have an eight pin numbers, for the pin number one it’s called FB there uses pin is used for a feedback voltage pin senses to regulate the voltage output.

This output voltage can connect to the pin to a voltage divider to make a place for voltage output.

And for pin number two it’s called EN, this pin can authorized an external devices to control the signal to turn-on and off.

These pin have a force below 0.9V to turn off this signal devices, and to turn-on this device it force above 2V.

And for a pin number three it’s called OCSET it can attach the resistor external to IN pin to construct a set limit current.

And for the pin number four it’s called IN it is an input pin converter.

It’s a suitable large capacitor that must be connected to this pin into ground to input the IC into bypass noise.

And for the pin number five and six it is called SW which is the pin is switching node that can provide the output power range.

This pin can rectifier into the ground diode.

And lastly for the pin number seven and eight it’s called GND it is the pin ground of the converter step-down to connect this pin into the circuit ground.

Furthermore, LA8521PG are many factors affect to the thermal resistance.

RANTLE LA8521PG evolve a band-gap connecting to the pin in the ground converter and can give a feedback pin.

Therefore the LA8521PG output voltage are performed by the R2 and R3 converter.

LA8521PG is a higher resistor to value the improvement of LA8521PG efficiency that can provide the best output.

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