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  • 15 ns accuracy
  • u-blox 50 channel 5 engines
  • OMA SUPL certification
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  • LEA-5T-0-001
  • LEA-5T-0-001

The LEA-5T-0-001 distributed by RANTLE is incorporated with a GPS precision timing.

Thus, it can be used for any demanding positioning uses and applications typically includes WiMAX base-stations and Femto Cells.

RANTLE’s best quality LEA-5T-0-001 is also equipped with time mode features in which a GPS receiver presumes a 3D stationary position especially when it is manually programmed or either intent on an initial self-survey.

The stationary operations of our top-quality LEA-5T-0-001 allow a GPS timing which only requires 1 visible satellite.

It also helps in eliminating the timing errors or otherwise, it will result in a positioning error.

LEA-5T-0-001 Supplier

Our excellent quality LEA-5T-0-001 can achieve an accuracy that can take to about 15 ns through the use of error quantization information.

This will reimburse the time pulse’s granularity.

RANTLE also supplies highest-quality LEA-5T-0-001 which is highly integrated with a counter unit and a built-in mark time.

This allows a precise measurement time of an event external inputs.

Our best quality LEA-5T-0-001 highlights its u-blox 50 channel 5 engines with more than 1 million of an effective-correlator.

Aside from that, it is also our pride to supply your business with a high-quality LEA-5T-0-001 which is equipped with <1 second time-to-first fix commonly used for aided and hot starts.

An output time pulse which comes with only one satellite in a view is also incorporated into our premium quality LEA-5T-0-001.

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Moreover, you can avail RANTLE’s LEA-5T-0-001 which supports a GPS Assit Now online with certifications from OMA SUPL.

An Indoor Super Sense GPS with tracking sensitivity and best-in-class acquisition is highly integrated into our proven quality LEA-5T-0-001.

Enable to achieve the best performance, high-quality LEA-5T-0-001 supplied by RANTLE is designed with stationary mode.

This allows our LEA-5T-0-001 to perform a timing GPS operation.

Buy LEA-5T-0-001

An SBAS, GALILEO, and hybrid GPS engine is also equipped into our LEA-5T-0-001 for an optimum solution.

RANTLE is a leading authorized worldwide distributor of electronic parts such as LEA-5T-0-001 in China for over 16 years.

We supply highest-quality electronic components to thousands of leading manufacturers.

RANTLE specializes in rapid sourcing of electronic parts as well as technologies for buyers and design engineers.

We are also dedicated to provide you excellent customer service.

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RANTLE is definitely a customer-focused distributor and supplier!

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RANTLE’s state-of-the-art center distribution is equipped with advanced technologies allows us to process your orders 24/7.

LEA-5T-0-001 Distributor

At RANTLE, we also offer on-time delivery and competitive cost for every order of LEA-5T-0-001 and other electronic components.

Another excellent service will be provided to you.

Therefore, you can save time, effort and money. Thus, you can guarantee a hassle-free transaction!

If you have questions, just send us your inquiries so we can deal with it immediately!

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