Your Best LMD18200T Supplier in China

LMD18200T Distributor – Your Best LMD18200T Supplier in China

RANTLE LMD18200T is an H-Bridge 3A highly designed for any motion control applications. We are a trusted distributor of LMD18200T from popular manufacturers including Texas Instrument, Analog devices, MAXIM, and more.


We source top-quality LMD18200T. RANTLE source every part number.

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RANTLE provides lots of electronic parts including LMD18200T. We distribute LMD18200T with shorted load protection.

Our LMD18200T are also fabricated through the use of a multi-technology process that combines CMOS control circuitry and bipolar.

Aside from that, RANTLE’s LMD18200T can also provide internal clamp diodes. It also has an internal charge pump with an exterior bootstrap capability.

We distribute LMD18200T with innovative circuits that executes low-loss sensing in its output current.

Also, our LMD18200T can be used in Stepper and DC motor drives, velocity and position servomechanism, factory automation robots, numerically controlled machinery, and more.

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Reliable LMD18200T Distributor and Supplier – RANTLE East Electronic

RANTLE provides LMD18200T that is an H-Bridge 3A highly designed for various motion control applications. Our LMD18200T are fabricated through the multi-technology process.

It combines the CMOS control circuitry and bipolar.

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We distribute LMD18200T with power DMOS devices on the similar monolithic structure. LMD18200T distributed by RANTLE can accommodate up to 6A output peak current.

RANTLE is a reliable supplier of LMD18200T that features an innovative circuit. It helps in facilitating the low-loss sensing of its output current when implemented.

Our LMD18200T can deliver a continuous output up to 3A. Aside from that, it can also operate up to 55 V supply voltages.

We also supply LMD18200T with typical of 0.33ohms per switch at every 3A. Our LMD18200T are also CMOS and TTL compatible inputs. It doesn’t have a shoot-through current.

It features a thermal flag output warning that takes up to 145ﹾC. RANTLE’s LMD18200T is also equipped with thermal shutdown at every 170˚. An internal clamp diode is also incorporated into our LMD18200T for an optimal performance.

Other than that, we also distribute LMD18200T with short load protection and interior charge pump with an exterior bootstrap capability.

Because of its advanced features, you can use our LMD18200T for stepper motor drives and DC applications. These are perfectly suitable for velocity and position servomechanism. For factory automation robots, RANTLE’s LMD18200T are also the best.

LMD18200T Supplier

RANTLE’s LMD18200T are also best for numerically controlled machinery, plotters, and computer printers. RANTLE’s LMD18200T will surely meet your needs.

RANTLE has been an authorized distributor of LMD18200T and other electronic components in China for over 16 years. Therefore, we are trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

Other than LMD18200T, we also supply CP2102-GM, ACS712ELCTR-20A-T, OPT3001DNPR, TM4C1294NCPDTI3, LM324AD, 6A20, KSZ8895MQXIA, and more.

If you are an electronic component retailer, RANTLE is your best choice! You can surely find what you need at RANTLE!

For over a decade, RANTLE offers fast delivery, reasonable prices, quality products, and more valuable services. At RANTLE, rest assured that you can have a hassle-free buying experience!

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Learn more about the LMD18200T, please check the LMD18200T datasheet for your reference.

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