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  • voltage for 3V to 5.6V (VSS-VDD)
  • 9-bit instruction register data
  • 3V count frequency to 22MHz
  • LS7366R-TS
  • LS7366R-TS

RANTLE LS7366R-TS is a 32- bit complementary metal oxide semiconductor or CMOS counter.

LS7366R-TS can direct  interface for a quadrant clocks from the encoder gradational.

LS7366R-TS can attach with the signals index to the encoder gradational that performs a variation LS7366R-TS label function.

LS7366R-TS can give a high communication with microcontrollers or microprocessors.

It provides a 4 wire serial peripheral interface or micro wire bus.

RANTLE LS7366R-TS have a four standard bus which are I/SCK/ Os are SS/ MOSI and MISO.

LS7366R-TS Supplier

Its a data can transfer between a microcontroller and a slave LS7366R-TS synchronized.

LS7366R-TS synchronization contribute microcontroller data.

Every microcontroller transmission well ordered in one to six bytes of microcontroller data.

The microcontroller cycle transmission is came from a low to high load transition.

LS7366R-TS receive first byte in a transmission cycle that can always an directive byte.

Where are the second between the fourth bytes are always expound as a data bytes.

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The LS7366R-TS cycle transmission are concluded with the low to high input transition.

It can received bytes transport at the RANTLE transmission input.

RANTLE LS7366R-TS is the main edges (transition high) of LS7366R-TS transition clocks.

RANTLE LS7366R-TS can operate to configured as one to four bytes counter.

LS7366R-TS counter can be organize to utilize in a number of different modes.

It can supply for driven operations event, such as break-in index processor that the function are connected to each processor.

LS7366R-TS content data specification order are instinct to regulate.

RANTLE LS7366R-TS features, have an operating voltage for 3V to 5.6V (VSS-VDD). 5V count frequency: 42MHz. 3V count frequency to 22MHz. 32-bit register data (DTR) for the comparator of devices. 32-bit counter (CNTR) and 32-bit register output data(OTR).

9-bit instruction register data(IR) and  9-bit registers mode data (MDR1, MDR0) that used for programmable practical modes.  LS7366R-TS  9-bit position index data(STR).

Index operate chip load, output counter reset  or register load and etc.

LS7366R-TS secure Interrupt output on transfer or take or contrast the Index configuration.

That Unsynchronized modes of counting.

LS7366R-TS 9-bit, 17-bit, 25-bit and 32-bit configuration synchronous programmable in (SPI) serial peripheral interface.

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