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  • Competitive Price for LTC3412EFE
  • Operates in an input voltage ranging from 2.625 V to about 5.5 V
  • Powerful internal synchronous switch of on-resistance 85mΩ
  • The switching frequency can be set through an external resistor
  • Offers a higher efficiency through minimizing the charge gate losses at every light load
  • LTC3412EFE
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The LTC3412EFE monolithic, higher efficiency, step-down synchronous DC-DC converter.

It utilizes a persistent frequency and a mode current architecture.

Usually, RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE operates in an input voltage ranging from 2.625 V to about 5.5 V.

It will provide you an regulated adjustable output voltage which ranges from 0.8 V up to 5 V.

LTC3412EFE Supplier

RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE can deliver an output current up to 2.5 A.

Also, our LTC3412EFE has a powerful internal synchronous switch of on-resistance 85mΩ.

It increases efficiency as well as removes the requirements of an external diode Schottky.

LTC3412EFE Datasheet

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Reliable LTC3412EFE Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE switching frequency can be set through an external resistor.

It can also be synchronized into external clock.

Our LTC3412EFE has a duty cycle of 100%.

This will provide you a lower dropout operation that can extend the battery life most especially in a portable system.

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Additionally, our LTC3412EFE is highly integrated with an OPTI-LOOP compensation.

This enables a transient response providing you an optimized wide range output and load capacitor.

The LTC3412EFE provided by RANTLE is configurable with continuous force operation or Burst-Mode operation.

Continuous force operation minimizes RF interference and noise.

Meanwhile, Burst-Mode operation offers a higher efficiency through minimizing the charge gate losses at every light load.

With RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE Burst-Mode operation, burst clamp external control enables an adjustable ripple voltage output according to your application.

To fully maximize the battery life, RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE P-channel MOSFET will be continuously turned-on in a 100% dropout duty cycle.

Moreover, RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE features about 95% higher efficiency.

An ±2% accuracy of the output voltage is equipped into RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE.

LTC3412EFE price

For around 16 years, we are distributing an LTC3412EFE with a switching synchronized frequency and over temperature protection.

In China, RANTLE is the leading supplier of LTC3412EFE which encompasses a broad range of applications.

If your work is concerning with portable instruments, choose RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE.

For battery-powered equipment, you can choose RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE as its main device.

You can also use RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE for notebook computers and cellular telephones.

Digital cameras and power distributed systems also utilize RANTLE’s LTC3412EFE.

Need to source LTC3412EFE or several electronic components?

Choose RANTLE! RANTLE sells brands of a semiconductor and electronic parts and components which includes a diode, module, connector, capacitor, resistor, transistor, IC and more.

With that, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your needs.

We take pride in providing the most excellent quality LTC3412EFE and other electronic parts.

We offer LTC3412EFE which is processed in an advanced technology.

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Indeed, RANTLE can be your trusted business partner!

LTC3412EFE Distributor

If you need a verified supplier and distributor of LTC3412EFE, always choose RANTLE.

In China, we are widely recognized as the most trusted and world-leading supplier as well as manufacturer of LTC3412EFE and various types of electronic components.

Our 16 years of experience in operating in this field, we have gained a lot of trust from our worldwide customers.

If you have more inquiries and questions, feel free to contact our sales representative for a fast response.

We are 24/7 online to support your business!

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