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  • Suitable with many interface standards
  • Used for Maxim Integrated Digital Isolators
  • Authorize a low power consumption into firm high-temperature performance
  • Each of capable data has effective rates of direct current to 2Mbps
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RANTLE  MAX14850ASE is used for Maxim Integrated Digital Isolators.

MAX14850ASE have six channel of an integrated digital isolator that can operate an action.

MAX14850ASE has  utilizing a maxim’s propriety.

These maxim’s propriety technology authorize a low power consumption into firm high temperature performance.

In MAX14850ASE there are four unidirectional channels, each of this is capable of direct current to 50Mbps.

In two of the four channels can progress data across into isolation fence to each direction.

MAX14850ASE Supplier

The two functioning channels are open drain, that allowing movement in two opposite directions, each of capable data have an effective rates of direct current to 2Mbps.

MAX14850ASE have a self sufficient of 3.0V to 5.5V that can supplies to the isolators power.

Each parts of the digital isolators can construct a level translator into suitable channel for using  Maxim Integrated Digital Isolators.

MAX14850ASE digital isolator can exist for isolating serial peripheral interface it is a serial communication interface.

These MAX14850ASE statement can used for short distance communication.

MAX14850ASE isolating a general purposes isolation buses with SPI buses, I2C buses, RS-232, RS-485/RS-422 buses.

The MAX14850ASE are obtainable in a small width isolators body,16-pin QSOP and 16-pin SOIC package.

MAX14850ASE package are identify over the -40NC to +125NC high integrated digital isolator temperature range.

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Reliable MAX14850ASE Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE  MAX14850ASE has an outstanding features,  that can supply a low cost compact that can make it transferable.

MAX14850ASE digital isolators signal can power domains between in a different digital isolator circuits.

MAX14850ASE have a protection from high voltage domain to integrated digital isolators.

It can produce 600Vrms isolation per seconds. MAX14850ASE have a short circuit protection on unidirectional outputs.

RANTLE MAX14850ASE 200Vrms employed isolation to have an absolute digital data signals.

These data are 2Mbps (max) Data Rate Bidirectional, 50Mbps (max) Data Rate Unidirectional, two Open-Drain Signal Paths Bidirectional and four signal Paths: 2-In/2-Out unidirectional.

MAX14850ASE Maxim Integrated Digital Isolators also suitable with many interface standards.

MAX14850ASE Distributor

RANTLE MAX14850ASE attribute a revitalize way to secure the validity of the integrated digital isolators data.

In addition, RANTLE MAX14850ASE supply a galvanic integrated Isolators for the digital channel that can communicate with two ground.

In galvanic isolators there are 200VRMS to continual the integrated digital isolation.

The MAX14850ASE digital isolators are works safely device, in a good isolations way.

Each isolators channel are functioning in using one administration that appear in one practical illustration.

RANTLE MAX14850ASE are compatible to used with many interface standards.

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