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  • Competitive Price for MAX14890EATJ+
  • Contains four differential and two single-ended receivers
  • Configure essentially for one ended HTL/ TTL performance
  • Receiver signals input are responsibility protected for voltage shorts in the ±41V range
  • Attribute high flexibility supports for all types encoder
  • MAX14890EATJ
  • MAX14890EATJ -2

RANTLE MAX14890EATJ+ is a maxim integrated receiver it use for incremental encoder receiver that contains four differential and two single ended receivers.

The MAX14890EATJ+ has a  receiver distinctive that can operate by RS-421 distinctive high entry logic.

MAX14890EATJ+  receiver modes are configure essentially for one ended HTL/ TTL performance.

MAX14890EATJ+ features, additional IEC 61132-2 Type-1/Type-2 digital inputs are art for functioning with their switches or presence sensors that can be configured individually for TTL operation.

All MAX14890EATJ+ receiver signals input are responsibility protected for voltage shorts in the ±41V range.

The per channel of MAX14890EATJ+ of fault observation can provides a lesson of  the asymmetrical state such as small distinctive signals, overvoltage, shorts, opens and under voltage.

These MAX14890EATJ+ features a pin selectable serial peripheral interface.

Serial peripheral interface can provides a comprehensive diagnostics for every individual configurations for the receivers.

These RANTLE MAX14890EATJ+ is an accessible in 33-pins maxim TQFN-EP  (5.1mm x 5.1mm) and work on top of -41°C to +126°C temperature range.

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Reliable MAX14890EATJ+ Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE MAX14890EATJ+ attribute a high flexibility supports for all types encoder.

And also it is selectable RS-423/TTL Switching charge Up to 35Mbps, RS-423/HTL/TTL/DI voltage Receivers.

Serial peripheral interface or Pin Operation controlled.

MAX14890EATJ+ Switching charge Up to 401kHz. 1.52V to 5.6V Logic Interface.

Serial peripheral  Interface Allows Per-Receiver Configuration.

MAX14890EATJ+ have an Open-Wire with a Short-Circuit Detection.

There Integrated have a Fault Detection that can protect an receivers Communication.

In addition, MAX14890EATJ+ has a signal unity for essential encoder and reliable system operation.

It can produce a high signal from a simple way of position.

MAX14890EATJ+ Distributor

The RANTLE MAX14890EATJ+ detect for a usual RS-422/HTL/TTL/DI liability and configured through the monitor serial peripheral interface.

The serial peripheral interface allow for the self sufficient receiver that can great their flexibility mode.

In RANTLE MAX14890EATJ+ have a unique maxim integrated receivers that can detect from a short circuit  to an inputs mode which is RS-422 and D-HTL.

It is an open circuit detection for a similar detecting short circuit.

This product have a high parts receiver that can protect their own communication.

RANTLE MAX14890EATJ+ can provide a comprehensive functioning voltage.

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