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  • competitive price for MAX17041G+U
  • low cost, host-side fuel-gauge systems, ultra-compact for batteries
  • track the state-of-charge (SOC)
  • ModelGauge
  • operate with dual-cell 2S pack
  • possible with the device and µC’s minimal interaction
  • MAX17041G+U

RANTLE MAX17041G+U is low cost, host-side fuel-gauge systems, ultra-compact for batteries such as lithium-ion (Li+) in portable equipment and handheld. It is able to operate with dual-cell 2S pack and single lithium cell. The MAX17041G+U uses a ModelGauge, a sophisticated lithium ion battery-modeling scheme. Thus, it is able to track the state-of-charge (SOC) which are relatives of battery. It tracks continuously over a varying charge and discharge profile.

RANTLE MAX17041G+U ModelGauge algorithm can eliminates the needs for an external current-sense resistor and battery relearn cycles unlike the traditional fuel gauges. In the application, the temperature compensation is possible with the device and µC’s minimal interaction.

RANTLE MAX17041G+U has a quick start mode. Thus, it can provide the battery’s SOC a good initial estimate. Because of this, it allows the MAX17041G+U to be located on a system side. Besides, it supplies chain constraints and reducing cost on the battery.

Moreover, RANTLE MAX17041G+U has a data set of estimated and measurement capacity. Through an I2C interface, they can be accessed. Our MAX17041G+U has a ±30mV voltage measurement accuracy to 10.00V. The measurement has no offset accumulation, no full-to-empty battery relearning necessary, and no required sense resistor.

MAX17041G+U Supplier

Our MAX17041G+U is widely used for smart phones, MP3 players, digital still cameras, and video cameras. It also used for portable DVD players, GPS systems, handheld and portable applications. Additionally, RANTLE MAX17041G+U has 6 16-bit registers. It includes VCELL, SOC, VERSION, COMMAND, RCOMP, and MODE.

RANTLE always provide our customers with the most accurate solutions for sourcing electronic components problem. We have 300 model numbers available for immediate delivery. Choose MAX17041G+U IC among our model numbers available.

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MAX17041G+U Features

MAX17041G+U Features

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MAX17041G+U General Description

MAX17041G+U General Description

MAX17041G+U Applications

MAX17041G+U Applications

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