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  • Fast Delivery with MCP23017-E/SP
  • Offers a parallel general purpose I/O 16-bit expansion mainly used for SPI and I2C applications
  • Port is functionally composed of an 8-bit two ports
  • Voltage will be met to assure a proper operation
  • Input port polarity can also be inverted with an inversion polarity register
  • MCP23017-E/SP
  • MCP23017-E-SP -2

The MCP23017-E/SP is a device which offers a parallel general purpose I/O 16-bit expansion mainly used for SPI and I2C applications.

RANTLE’s MCP23017-E/SP is consists of 8-bit multiple register configurations for polarity selection, output and input.

RANTLE’s MCP23017-E/SP system master can allow the I/O’s to be outputs or inputs through writing an I/O bits configuration.

MCP23017-E/SP Supplier

Data from RANTLE’s MCP23017-E/SP output or input are stored in a corresponding output or input register.

Input port polarity can also be inverted with an inversion polarity register.

All the registers will be read through the use of system master.

The 16-bit MCP23017-E/SP I/O port is functionally composed of an 8-bit two ports.

It can also be configured enable to operate a 16-bit or 8-bit modes.

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Reliable MCP23017-E/SP Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s MCP23017-E/SP has a two interrupt pins-INTB and INTA.

It will be associated to their particular ports.

It can also be OR’ed logically together in order for the pins to be activated if any ports will cause an interrupt.

RANTLE distributes the best quality MCP23017-E/SP with a power-on reset.

This power-on reset on-chip circuit will remain the device in a reset mode until a Vdd achieved an enough voltage in order to discharge POR circuit.

When your device exited POR conditions, a device-operating parameter such as temperature and voltage will be met to assure a proper operation.

A 16-bit Bidirectional remote I/O port is featured in RANTLE’s MCP23017-E/SP.

MCP23017-E-SP Distributor

Our MCP23017-E/SP also features a high-speed 100KHz, 400KHz and 1.7 MHz I2C interface.

Also, RANTLE’s MCP23017-E/SP is powered with a hardware address 3 pins which allows eight devices.

Each pin can be configured as active-low, open-drain or active-high.

Additionally, RANTLE’s MCP23017-E/SP has an interrupt-on-change from a configured register or pin changes.

It also has an input external reset for a maximum performance.

To meet your requirements, we supply MCP23017-E/SP with maximum of 1 µA standby low current.

Moreover, our MCP23017-E/SP has three operating voltage.

1.8V up to 5.5 V can operate from a temperature ranging from -40°C to about +85°C.

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RANTLE’s MCP23017-E/SP can also operate 2.7 V to about 5.5 V at every -40°C up to +85°C.

It can also be operated with 4.5 V up to 5.5 V every -40°C to about +125°C.

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