Professional MCP6547-E/SN Supplier in China

  • Fast shipment with MCP6547-E/SN
  • Low Quiescent Current: 600 nA/comparator (typ.)
  • Low Switching Current
  • Internal Hysteresis: 3.3 mV (typ.)
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: 1.6V to 5.5V
  • MCP6547-E/SN

RANTLE MCP6547-E/SN is offered in a single, dual, and quad configuration with chip select. It is capable of driving capacitive loads or heavy DC due to its open-drain outputs.

The output is open-drain so it can be used as 10 V level-shifter by using pull-up resistor.

It is optimize for single-supply and low power application with greater than operation of rail-to-rail input.

MCP6547-E/SN Supplier

RANTLE MCP6547-E/SN can be used as wired-OR logic. Our device has internal input hysteresis. Through the internal noise voltage that reduces current draw, the internal input hysteresis will eliminate the output switching.

The comparator is able to operate with as low as 1.6 V single supply voltage. Less than 1 µA/comparator of quiescent current can be drawn by the comparators.

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MCP6547-E/SN Features

MCP6547-E/SN Features

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Reliable MCP6547-E/SN Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Every RANTLE MCP6547-E/SN has a push-pull output. It can support the interfaces and rail-to-rail output swing with CMOS/TTL logic. It is widely used for Laptop Computers, metering system, mobile phones, and hand-held electronics. Also, it can be used in RC Timers, Windowed Comparators, Multi-vibrators, and Alarm and Monitoring Circuits.

RANTLE MCP6547-E/SN featuring typical 600 nA/ low quiescent current comparators. It comes with open-drain output and has typically 4 µs propagation delay. Also, it has wide supply voltage ranges up to 1.6 V to 5.5 V. All MCP6547-E/SN devices are available in packages such as SOT-23-5 and SC-70-5. Our MCP6547-E/SN device can provide temperature range for industrial which is typical 40°C to +85°C.

MCP6547-E-SN Distributor

If you are looking for a certified supplier and distributor of MCP6547-E/SN, why not choose RANTLE! At RANTLE, we give the best services we can have to provide you high quality electronic components. We always aim to help your business grow. Every year, we distribute and supplies thousands of electronic components. We serve customers from any part of the world.

We know that it is difficult to source electronic components such as MCP6547-E/SN IC. That is why, RANTLE is always willing to help you. In fact, we have almost 300 model numbers in stock ready to be delivered. You can choose among our excellent quality model numbers such as MCP6547-E/SN IC.

MCP6442-E/SN Board

RANTLE become the major supplier and distributor of electronic components worldwide for more than 15 years in industry. Because of this, we have developed a strong connection between well-known electronic companies globally. Besides, we have a strict and up-to-date quality control team to assure the quality of our electronic components.

Choose RANTLE to be your number one MCP6547-E/SN supplier now. You will not regret choosing us. Aside from high quality products and the best services, we also offer swift delivery. We can deliver your orders of MCP6547-E/SN within 2-5 days only. For more details, let us know your inquiries.


MCP6547-E/SN Description

MCP6547-E-SN Description

MCP6547-E/SN Typical Applications

MCP6547-E-SN Typical Applications


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