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RANTLE Memory IC provides a complete power supply for DDR2, DDR3, and DDR3L memory systems in the lowest total cost and minimum space. It integrates a synchronous buck regulator controller with a 2-A sink and buffered low noise reference.

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RANTLE provides many parts of Memory IC such as serial EEPROM, serial EERAM, serial flash and many more. Memory IC is a high-performance CMOS, significantly improving performance and reliability while lower power consumption.

RANTLE Memory IC have standalone volatile memory that offers designers an easy and inexpensive way to add more RAM to their application. It has 8-pin devices which has unlimited endurance and zero write times.

RANTLE memory IC offers low cost, non-volatile RAM storage via an external battery and is ideal for applications that need to write very often to the memory. With fast parallel access times provide secure, unalterable memory for excellent firmware and data protection.

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RANTLE memory IC enables stored data to be updated byte-by-byte or by full sector, providing design flexibility. The parallel interface devices offer faster read times than serial interface protocol. RANTLE provides a complete selection of densities, operating voltages, and devices packages.

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RANTLE Memory IC are used extensively across a broad spectrum of products including telecommunication, avionics, and military application.

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The electronic components manufacturers’ engineers’ team carefully chooses material and technology for manufacturing all Memory IC. Our Memory IC are precisely machined and tested to meet high-quality standards.  For almost 15 years RANTLE became the best partner of all electronic consumers. RANTLE offers high quality service, competitive price, fast delivery, global sourcing network, quality warranted products and excellent after-sale service. Our control team is working hard to ensure the quality of all the parts we are selling. For inquiries, simply submit your RQF to us. Within 24 hours, our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will contact you. Buying electronic components has never been this easy.