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MF-MSMF020-2 Distributor - Your MF-MSMF020-2 Supplier in China

Rantle is your all-time supplier and distributor of high-efficient BOURNS MF-MSMF020-2 in China. You can always trust our standard supplies of electronic components for your business. We are your capable distributor that qualifies as a provider of high-quality electronic components locally and abroad. You can select your needs from our electronic component lists. 


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Rantle uses to source various types of electronic components, especially BOURNS MF-MSMF020-2 and its related products. We are your constant support when you are looking for durable and practical electronic components for your applications. Rantle is your professional partner that can fully assist the development of your business.

If you are seeking functional electronic components at economical costs, Rantle is the ideal place to be. We are responsible enough to take care of your orders and even the processes of it. We can lead you to the most suitable model of electronic component you need. Just let us know your required specifications, and we will provide you with them.

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Professional MF-MSMF020-2 Distributor and Supplier - Rantle East Electronic

The BOURNS MF-MSMF020-2 we offer performs a minimum of -40 °C and a maximum of 85 °C of temperature. It uses up 30 V supply of voltage. It operates with about 800 mW power dissipation. This electronic component has approximately 5% tolerance.

Our offered electronic part holds current with about 200 mA. This type of electronic component also has approximately 400mA trip current. In Rantle, you will indeed receive your ordered electronic component with exact functions and details for your device applications.

MF-MSMF020-2 supplier

As your leading co-partner, we always make sure of your advantages with our offered electronic component products. We are the most popular electronic part company based in China. Aside from that, we also successfully provide our clients to other countries.

MF-MSMF020-2 Features:

  • Flexible with AEC-Q200 Rev-D for automotive applications
  • 100% electrically suitable with all recent devices
  • Effective with Pb
  • Pb-free solder reflow
  • Halogen-free
  • Secured surface-mount packaging

MF-MSMF020-2 distributor

Rantle is your excellent supplier and distributor that assures you high-durability electronic components for their lasting operation. We keep our outstanding works providing our customers with cost-effective products.

Choosing our supplied electronic components indeed helps your business grow to the highest level. We ensure that all of its parts, measurements, temperature, and voltages are appropriate for your device applications.

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MF-MSMF020-2 Applications:

  • Secured from overcurrent and overtemperature 
  • PC peripherals
  • PCMCIA cards
  • POS equipment
  • HDMI supply prevention
  • Hard disk drives

You can tell us more about your requirements, and we will immediately do its customizations. Rantle appoints professional workers and a team to operate every stage of processing your orders. In addition, you can also get ideas on marketing such as in-demand products.

MF-MSMF020-2 price

Furthermore, we assign friendly sales staff to provide you with gratifying information about your preferred electronic part, especially MF-MSMF020-2. You can also guarantee safe packaging and delivery of your purchased products.

We are open to your 24/7 inquiries and orders. Rantle also conducts short-time delivery. Choose your choice, and we will do our best to provide you with no-hassle ordering our products. 

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To learn more about BOURNS electronic components and parts MF-MSMF020-2, please click the MF-MSMF020-2 datasheet.

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