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MMBT3904-7-F Distributor - Your Professional MMBT3904-7-F Supplier in China

Rantle is the global leader that specializes in sourcing out electronic components. Our primary mission is to distribute the highest-condition of electromechanical components, especially the DIODES MMBT3904-7-F, worldwide. Rantle owns the abundance of MMBT3904-7-F product distribution that can surpass the market demands of our global clients.  

RANTLE EAST ELECTRONIC – DIODES components MMBT3904-7-F Supplier and MMBT3904-7-F Distributor in China.


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Rantle has an extensive supply of electronic components for your technology devices. We exceed for 17+ years in distributing MMBT3904-7-F components to the global electronic markets. We reasonably provide you with the most inexpensive MMBT3904-7-F that you purchased.

Rantle MMBT3904-7-F comes with the most upgraded and high-tech materials. So if your device needs an MMBT3904-7-F with an overall junction operating temperature of -55°C ~ 150°C and a maximum power of 300 mW, you shall visit Rantle. As an independent distributor, Rantle can assist you in seeking the right MMBT3904-7-F and other electronic components based upon your part application.

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Rantle East Electronic - Excellent MMBT3904-7-F Supplier and Distributor in China

For you to quickly seek a high-conditioned MMBT3904-7-F for your electronic installation and repair, consult Rantle East Electronic. We always work on having a legal transaction in understanding and supplying MMBT3904-7-F components to our local and global customers.

MMBT3904-7-F supplier

Rantle supplies MMBT3904-7-F is best for circuits that need a high-current power density that makes it constantly operate in high voltage ranges. 

MMBT3904-7-F Features:

  • Bipolar transistor
  • Complementary available
  • 100% lead-free
  • Best for switching and medium power amplification
  • Heterostructures level die construction
  • High-reliability

Moreover, the MMBT3904-7-F is a bipolar transistor junction with a robust operating function ideal for any electrical circuit. It features a maximal dissipation power of 350mW and a collector-emitter voltage of 40V.

MMBT3904-7-F distributor

MMBT3904-7-F  Mechanical Statistics:

  • Approximately 0.008 grams
  • Moisture sensitivity
  • 94V-0 classification flammability ratings
  • Molding compound

The DIODES components MMBT3904-7-F has a universal measurement of 1×3.05mm. It has a constant collector current of 0.2A. A standard electronic part that is electrically and thermally essential for providing continuous power and function for your devices. 

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Rantle no.1 priority is distributing electromechanical components that are widely essential for computer, medical, automotive, telecommunication, military, aerospace, transportation, and other industries. Through dedicated services, it builds a competent business bridge between our customers and suppliers worldwide.

We can assure you that we will provide you with the best MMBT3904-7-F electronic components product and services for a decade. Before we distribute our MMBT3904-7-F, we firstly test it to ensure its functionality and authenticity.

MMBT3904-7-F price

If your devices or your electronic market needs a sufficient supply of MMBT3904-7-F, think of We can supply you with a chain of solutions of MMBT3904-7-F to fulfill your requests. We have the most friendly, witty, and expert sales team who are 24/7 accessible online in giving you immediate and prompt responses.

To learn more about DIODES electronic components and parts MMBT3904-7-F, please click the MMBT3904-7-F datasheet.

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