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  • regulator step-down
  • built-in internal Power MOSFET Switch
  • current mode operation
  • fault condition protection
  • thermal shutdown
  • cycle-by-cycle current limiting
  • programmable and adjustable soft-start
  • efficiency up to 95%
  • MP1583DN-LF-Z

RANTLE MP1583DN-LF-Z is a regulator step-down. It comes with an internal Power MOSFET Switch in 100mΩ which are built-in. Over a wide supply range of an input, it can achieve continuous output current in 3A with line regulation and excellent load.

The RANTLE MP1583DN-LF-Z has a current mode operation. Thus, it eases the loop stabilization and provide fast transient response. Also, it has a fault condition protection. It includes a thermal shutdown and cycle-by-cycle current limiting. RANTLE MP1583DN-LF-Z has programmable and adjustable soft-start. So, the input source at startup will reduce stress. The device requires external components in a minimum number and provide compact solution.

MP1583DN-LF-Z supplier

RANTLE MP1583DN-LF-Z comes with stable Ceramic Capacitors in a low ESR output. This device has an efficiency up to 95%. It comes with shutdown mode in 20μA and fixed 385KHz frequency. It operates 4.75V to 23V input range, and 1.22V to 21V adjustable output. Our MP1583DN-LF-Z is applicable for distributed power systems, battery chargers, and pre-regulators for linear regulators.

RANTLE MP1583DN-LF-Z is able to supply a load current of 3A. In order to regulate the output voltage, the MP1583DN-LF-Z must use a current mode control. This output voltage through a voltage of resistive divider is measured at FB. Through the amplifier’s internal error, the output voltage is amplified. The transconductance error amplifier’s output current is presented at COMP where regulation control system of RC network is compensated. To control the output voltage, the voltage at COMP is compared to measured switch to current internally.

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