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MP3V5004DP Distributor - Your MP3V5004DP Supplier in China

Rantle serving as a leading distributor of electronic components in China. Rantle supplies electronic products like the MP3V5004DP. We enterprise solutions to give satisfying service to our clients. Rantle introduces electronics designs, applications, and sales for our supplies and products. 


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Rantle supplies MP3V5004DP which is highly reliable.  The MP3V5004DP is a typical differential silicon pressure sensor. This product offers an algebraic difference in output voltage at the specified pressures. The NXP / FREESCALE MP3V5004DP is a component that specified excitation range at ratiometric.

If you are looking for MP3V5004DP, Rantle is the right place to be! Rantle covers a series of MP3V5004DP  as low-cost versions. We offer MP3V5004DP with typical applications. You can have a wide range of MP3V5004DP from us that can be commercialized and sourced throughout the world. Get your MP3V5004DP  at Rantle now.  

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable MP3V5004DP Supplier and Distributor in China

To have various MP3V5004DP  available for your project, you can send us your queries. Rantle distributes MP3V5004DP that is designed for different applications for industrial.

These components are piezoresistive transducer with bipolar processing to provide an accurate analog output signal. Ideally used for the microcontroller-based system.

Rantle supplies a series of MP3V5004DP which is reliable and safe for your projects. These products are usually used for water level washing machine.

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It has featured a compensated temperature of 10°C to 60°C. The MP3V5004DP is available in gauge surface mount configuration. This device also featuring a durable thermoplastic package.

If your device is a microprocessor-based system, add MP3V5004DP from Rantle. Over the years, Rantle offers high-end series of MP3V5004DP.

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The MP3V5004DP components will allow you to monitor the output voltage of your device at the minimum rated pressure.

Rantle MP3V5004DP having an implanted strain gauge that is highly sensitive with advanced micromachining techniques.

Rantle is a stocking distributor and supplier of MP3V5004DP which has an operating pressure range from 0kPa to 3.92kPa. These electronic components consist of operating supply voltage minimum of (V)2.7 and a maximum of (V)3.3.

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However, you can use the typical operating supply voltage of (V)3. The MP3V5004DP particularly applied for microcontroller or microprocessor devices with A/D inputs. 

Rantle grants you delivery for your FREESCALE MP3V5004DP at your convenient time and place. You simply send us your specifications and ou expert support team will handle the ordering process.

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With our top couriers, you will have an undamaged, brand-new, and unopened products delivered. We also implement a 1-month warranty service on series MP3V5004DP  with the most suitable technology from our factory.

If you need a series relating to MP3V5004DP contact us now. 

Learn more about the MP3V5004DP, please click the MP3V5004DP datasheet.

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