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  • Fast Delivery with N25Q128A13ESF40F
  • Supports I/O dual/quad high-performance and innovative instructions
  • Organized with main sectors, boot sectors and sub-sectors
  • Compatible with SPI serial interface bus with 2.7V up to about 3.6V supply single voltage
  • Speeding up of power-on phase through faster POR instruction and reset function
  • N25Q128A13ESF40F
  • N25Q128A13ESF40F -2

The N25Q128A13ESF40F is a Flash serial memory with 128 Mbit.

It has an advanced mechanism of write protection.

It is also accessed with an SPI-compatible high-speed features and bus.

RANTLE’s N25Q128A13ESF40F supports I/O dual/quad high-performance and innovative instructions.

These are new instructions which allows a quadruple or double transfer bandwidth used for program and read operations.

N25Q128A13ESF40F Supplier

N25Q128A13ESF40F supplied by RANTLE also offers an additional feature which is configurable by non-volatile configuration register.

This memory is being organized with main sectors, boot sectors and sub sectors.

High-quality N25Q128A13ESF40F distributed by RANTLE is also write protected by using the combination of non-volatile and volatile protection features, also depends on application needs.

Also, at RANTLE, we have a N25Q128A13ESF40F that is equipped with a one-time-programmable 64 bytes.

Which can be programmed and read by using the two instructions-program OTP and read OTP.

The 64 bytes can also be locked permanently by a certain sequence of program OTP.

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Reliable N25Q128A13ESF40F Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE’s N25Q128A13ESF40F is compatible with SPI serial interface bus with 2.7V up to about 3.6V supply single voltage.

It also supports new dual I/O or quad I/O protocol SPI and SPI legacy protocol.

For the three protocols, RANTLE’s N25Q128A13ESF40F has an XIP mode.

This makes the device configurable with non-volatile and volatile registers making it work directly with XiP mode especially after power-on.

Since RANTLE’s N25Q128A13ESF40F has an erase/program suspend instructions, entire memory can be continuously read through single instruction.

RANTLE’s N25Q128A13ESF40F flexibility makes it suitable for number of applications.

This includes number of configurations of a dummy cycle, buffer output configurable, speeding up of power-on phase through faster POR instruction and reset function.

N25Q128A13ESF40F Distributor

Also, we offer N25Q128A13ESF40F with an erase and write capabilities.

Upon request of customer’s we add smart protections.

At RANTLE, you can always find the solutions to the your N25Q128A13ESF40F applications.

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