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NDT3055L Distributor- Your Expert NDT3055L Supplier in China

Rantle is your top-tier source of famous models of electronic components, including the FAIRCHILD components NDT3055L. Using the highest level of electronic mechanics, we can provide you a thousand NDT3055L parts that primary needs for your electro-automotive installations and other applications. We have the complete guide of the NDT3055L component considering its best composition and feature capacity performance whom you find interesting. 


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Rantle has a profound outlook on the inside global electronic industry. We specialized in sourcing out electronic components, specifically the NDT3055L, to our worldwide network markets. Through the supervision of our expert electromechanical engineers, we can provide you with the most upgraded NDT3055L that follows your request and specifications.

If your market has increased demand for NDT3055L-NL, ask for some consultation and assistance with Rantle. We have the most plentiful NDT3055L production line and help you seek the right ONSEMI/FAIRCHILD NDT3055L and other related electronic components for your devices.

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Rantle East Electronic - Excellent NDT3055L Distributor in China

Rantle is the global distributor of the essential NDT3055L and other related electronic components. We focus on supplying various electronic parts that widely install for computers, telecommunications, medical, military, and other peripheral applications. 

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Rantle supplies an NDT3055L that has overall storage and operating temperature range of -65°C ~ 150°C. NDT3055L is popular with its name as an N-channel logic level enhancement mode field-effect transistor. It is useful, especially in minimizing the on-state resistance of your power system and gives a superior switching performance for your devices.

Main Features of NDT3055L:

  • Low drive requirements
  • Allows direct operation from logic drivers
  • High power current handling capability
  • Essential for mount surface package
  • Higher density cell design

Furthermore, NDT3055L produces through the proprietary ON semiconductors. It is highly suited for lower voltage application of your system. The NDT3055L provides low in-line power loss, transient resistance, and fast switching operations. 

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Principal Application of NDT3055L:

  • DC/DC conversion
  • DC motor control

The FAIRCHILD NDT3055L has a precise measurement of 1.88mmx6.5mm. It has a gate-source power voltage of -20 V + 20 V and can withstand higher pulse energy in a wave and communication mode.

We provide state-of-the-art NDT3055L for your devices. Each of our NDT3055L components comes with different versions and model upgrades that are more likely suitable for electro-automotive installations. Using the NDT3055L will give your system devices normal function and operation.

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Rantle plays an independent distributor through this; it builds a competent business partnership between o our local and global customers and suppliers. We can maintain our knowledgeable sales and customer service with our NDT3055L.

Rantle never fails to provide you the most competitive price in every NDT3055L you purchased. We will automatically ship all your NDT3055L components within 1-5 days after receiving and processing your orders. 

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Guarantees come first as a standard of all your NDT3055L orders, so no need to worry when buying with us. Rantle has an expert managing and sales team who are open 24/7 to assist you if you have some confusion, complaints, questions, or inquiries about the NDT3055L and our services.

For your NDT3055L needs, think of Rantle East Electronic as your only source for all your electronic components needs.

To learn more about ONSEMI/FAIRCHILD electronic components and parts NDT3055L-NL, please click the NDT3055L datasheet.

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