Manufacturer Introduction: NEC Corporation (Renesas) Manufacturer

Manufacturer Introduction: NEC Corporation (Renesas) Manufacturer

NEC Corporation, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, is a prominent provider of information technology (IT) services and products. Known for its innovative solutions, NEC caters to business enterprises, communication service providers, and government agencies worldwide. The company has a rich history dating back to its origins as Nippon Electric Company, Limited. 1983, it rebranded as NEC Corporation to reflect its expanding global presence. Additionally, NEC’s semiconductor business unit was a leading player in the market until its merger with Renesas Electronics, enhancing its capabilities in the semiconductor industry.

History of NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation, originally known as Nippon Electric Company, Limited, was established on July 17, 1899, by Kunihiko Iwadare in partnership with the Western Electric Company (now part of Alcatel-Lucent). This joint venture marked Japan’s first collaboration with foreign capital. The company’s initial mission, encapsulated in the slogan “Better Products, Better Service,” aimed to deliver high-quality products and dependable follow-up service. This early commitment to customer satisfaction (CS) was pioneering for its time, predating widespread adoption of the concept in Japanese businesses by half a century.

In April 1983, the company rebranded to NEC Corporation to signify its evolution and expanding global reach. A significant milestone in its history was the merger of its semiconductor business with Renesas Electronics. Before the merger, NEC Semiconductors was among the top 20 semiconductor sales leaders worldwide. The merger with Renesas has since fortified NEC’s position in the semiconductor market, allowing it to leverage combined expertise and resources to drive innovation and market growth.

Public Business Sector

NEC Corporation offers various services to governments and public institutions in Japan and internationally. Leveraging advanced network, sensor, and analysis technologies, NEC provides integrated solutions that address different societal challenges. These solutions include intelligent city infrastructure, public safety systems, and disaster management platforms.

One notable project is implementing a comprehensive public safety system for a central metropolitan area, integrating surveillance, emergency response, and data analysis to enhance urban security. Such projects have a significant impact, resulting in improved safety, streamlined emergency responses, and efficient public service delivery.

NEC’s focus on safety, security, and efficiency ensures that its solutions meet the immediate needs of public entities and contribute to long-term societal resilience and well-being. By providing reliable and effective solutions, NEC helps governments create safer and more efficient communities.

Enterprise Business Sector

NEC Corporation delivers comprehensive IT solutions across various sectors, including manufacturing, retail, services, and finance. By utilizing cutting-edge ICT assets like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), NEC aids businesses in launching new services and addressing social issues. For instance, in manufacturing, NEC’s IoT solutions enhance operational efficiency and predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and costs. In retail, AI-driven analytics help optimize inventory management and personalize customer experiences.

NEC’s solutions drive value chain innovation, exemplified by their work in the finance sector, where AI and blockchain technologies improve transaction security and streamline processes. By integrating advanced technologies, NEC enhances business operations and solves broader societal challenges such as sustainability and resource management.

Network Services Business

NEC Corporation excels in providing network control platform systems and operating services, supported by extensive experience in large-scale network implementation. NEC’s technical capabilities enable the creation of robust, reliable networks that support diverse applications, from telecommunications to public infrastructure.

NEC’s contributions to society include the development of high-value-added networks tailored for the IoT era. For example, NEC has implemented intelligent grid solutions that optimize energy distribution and reduce environmental impact. NEC’s network services also enhance connectivity in remote areas, promoting digital inclusion and economic development. Through these initiatives, NEC demonstrates its commitment to leveraging technology for societal benefit, ensuring safe, efficient, and sustainable network solutions.

System Platform Business

NEC Corporation offers a diverse range of products in its System Platform Business, including terminals, network and computer equipment, software products, and comprehensive service platforms. These integrated platforms provide significant benefits, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing business labor costs. For instance, NEC’s unified communications solutions streamline workflows and improve collaboration across different departments, increasing productivity.

NEC’s IoT platforms are also at the forefront of new value creation. These platforms enable real-time data collection and analysis by connecting various devices and systems, facilitating more intelligent decision-making and innovative business models. This integration boosts efficiency and opens new business opportunities to leverage data-driven insights for competitive advantage.

NEC and Renesas Electronics

Before its merger, NEC Semiconductors was a prominent player in the global semiconductor market, recognized for its innovative solutions and significant contributions to the industry. The merger with Renesas Electronics in 2010 was a strategic move to consolidate strengths and enhance market competitiveness. This merger combined NEC’s robust semiconductor technologies with Renesas’ expertise in microcontrollers and system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

The significance of this merger lies in its ability to create a powerhouse in the semiconductor industry, offering a broader and more advanced portfolio of products. Key innovations resulting from the merger include the development of advanced automotive semiconductor solutions, which have been crucial in the era of connected and autonomous vehicles. Additionally, the merger has facilitated the creation of more efficient and robust industrial automation systems.

NEC and Renesas hold a strong market position, continuing to drive innovation in the semiconductor industry. With a focus on next-generation technologies such as AI, IoT, and automotive electronics, the prospects for NEC and Renesas are promising, poised to lead the industry with cutting-edge solutions and sustainable growth.


NEC Corporation has firmly established itself as a leading IT and network solutions provider across various sectors, including public, enterprise, network services, and system platforms. Its innovative use of IoT and AI has driven significant efficiency and advancements in value creation. The strategic merger with Renesas Electronics strengthened its semiconductor industry position, resulting in cutting-edge products and solutions. Looking forward, NEC remains committed to continuous innovation and enhancing customer satisfaction, positioning itself for sustained growth and leadership in technology and societal contributions.

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