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  • Liquid Crystal Display single-chip driver
  • perform read and write operations without using exterior operation clock
  • LCD driver or controller with 132 x 65 graphics dot display
  • 8, 580 bits RAM capacity
  • hardware reset and an on-chip oscillator
  • contrast 64 step adjuster
  • voltage on-chip follower
  • NT7534H-TAB0011/F

RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F is a Liquid Crystal Display single-chip driver that is being used for dot-matrix LCDs. It will be connected directly into the bus microcomputer. It also allows serial display parallel 8-bit data in order to be sent to the microcomputer directly and put it in to the RAM on-chip display. This produces a drive signal for LCD independently from the microprocessor clock.

With RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F, RAM can perform read and write operations without using exterior operation clock. Correspondingly, you can operate this driver that can consume low power only. Its low consumption of power and on-board power supply for liquid crystal can establish a higher performance handy system display. It also comes with a lower consumption and tiniest LSI configuration. RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F uses RAM data display to enable RAM direct data display. When the data of the RAM turns 0, it cannot be displayed. But, if it becomes 1, it can already display.

RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F features an LCD driver or controller with 132×65 graphics dot display. It also provides an 8, 580 bits RAM capacity. It does have a hardware reset and an on-chip oscillator. It also has a contrast 64 step adjuster and a voltage on-chip follower. Our NT7534H-TAB0011/F has a selectable exterior power supply and LCD driving on-chip voltage generator. In addition, RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F has a command functions including N-line inversion, partial line start set and partial display. It also has a power save feature.

Moreover, our NT7534H-TAB0011/F has a on or off display. It does have a reverse or normal display. It also has an address page set. RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F provides a bias LCD set and contrast electronic controls. Furthermore, it has an internal voltage regulator and ratio resistor set. RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F also offers a modify read and write. It also has a direction select segment driver. It does have a light weight and small size. It has a 16 A switching capacity and a PC board mounting features.

RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F encompasses a variety of uses and applications. This includes applications for home electrical appliances. It is also ideal for automation system applications. Additionally, our NT7534H-TAB0011/F is suitable for any types of electrical equipment. It is also ideally suitable to be used for different types of instruments. It is perfectly applicable for remote control facility. Moreover, RANTLE NT7534H-TAB0011/F is ideal to be used for meter and telecommunication facilities. RANTLE can surely give you model number that is suitable for your needs.

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