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Rantle is your ultimate Texas Instruments(TI) IC components OPA134UA supplier and distributor in China. We are also sourcing some electronic components markets abroad. Rantle always intends to fulfill the desired achievement on the business of our customers. We have professional electromechanical engineers that are responsible for making sure it’s high-quality. You can already own specific electronic components like OPA134UA at prices that fit your budget.


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Rantle is your number one choice when it comes to expertise on electronic components. We are also glad to share our broad understanding of marketing such valuable electronic components, mainly Texas Instruments(TI) IC parts OPA134UA. Trust on Rantle now for the best outcome for your business.

We are your ideal partner that provides high-featured electronic components for the benefit of your customers. Rantle is constantly serving our clients with ensured qualities and packaging of your ordered OPA134UA.

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Rantle is your successful distributor that always makes sure the best of our customers’ sales. We specialize in supplying OPA134UA and its related products for its specific applications. Rantle also allows your requested specifications of OPA134UA.

We are your all-out associates to have the best partnership in the electronic component business. Rantle has an improving foundation to ensure your instant and continuous supply of OPA134UA and many other electronic parts.

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As your chosen supplier, we never disappoint you with the outstanding performance of our offered OPA134UA and with our assistance. Just keep in touching Rantle if you want to know more about our upgraded electronic components, like OPA134UA.

OPA134UA Features:
  • Greater sound quality
  • Extreme 0.00008% low distortion
  • Low noise
  • High-speed slew rate and bandwidth
  • Huge open-loop benefit
  • Immense supply range of voltage
  • Single, dual, and quad versions

The Texas Instruments(TI) IC chips OPA134UA has just about 0.0004 % RHD plus noise. These electronic components perform with a maximum of 36 V supply of voltage and a minimum of 5 V. When it operates, and it consumes about – 40 C to + 85 C range of temperature.

OPA134UA distributor

Our offered OPA134UA indeed has a high-features and is in the best condition. This number part of electronic components measures about 1.58 mm of height, 4.9 mm of length, and 3.91 mm width to suit your specific applications.

Rantle indeed provides every model of electronic components you need for your device applications, especially OPA134UA. We offer all our electronic component products at reasonable prices.

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Some OPA134UA Applications are:
  • Standard music and audio
  • Line drivers
  • Line receivers
  • Active filters
  • Integrators

Rantle responsibly handles every stage of processing your orders. We are professional enough to serve you without any hassle. We make sure you’ll be one of those who are grateful to have Rantle as their supplier.

We are your perfect distributor that produces all your ordered electronic components, especially OPA134UA. Rantle has complete machines to check every detail of our offered OPA134UA/2K5 and many other electronic components. 

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We are open 24/7 for your anytime inquiries and questions. You can expect immediate responses and answers to your calls and emails. Rantle professional sales staff are always ready to hear your requests. 

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To learn more about Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts OPA134UA/2K5, please click the OPA134UA datasheet.

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