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  • Competitive Price for OPA343NA
  • Operates on a single supply low as 2.6V
  • Provide swings in 1.3mV supply rails with 100kΩ charge
  • A lot of attribute characteristics  for the users
  • Low quiescent current 850uA/chan
  • OPA343NA
  • OPA343NA

RANTLE OPA343NA is a chain rail to rail (CMOS) complementary metal oxide semiconductor for the amplifiers functioning.

OPA343NA can achieve the maximum efficiency for a low voltage and for the single supply operation.

Rail to rail output or input produce a high speed for the performance that construct an ideal for analog to digital or (A/D) converters.

The OPA343NA chain operates on a single supply low as 2.6V and for the common input mode voltage range is increases 500mV beyond the rails supply.

RANTLE OPA343NA are also suited for general purposes and audio applications that can give an I/V conversation output into digital to analog (D/A) converters.

OPA343NA have a dual, single, and for the OPA343NA enclosure versions, have an statement identical for flexibility design.

OPA343NA Supplier

The OPA343NA have an output voltage that can provide a swings in 1.3mV supply rails with 100kΩ charge.

RANTLE OPA343NA offers an excellent dynamic acknowledgment response in (SR = 6V/µs, BW = 5.5MHz) and still the current has inactive in 850µA.

Quad and dual design of OPA343NA can attribute completely for the lowest voltage and due to the interaction.

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RANTLE OPA343NA have an excessive attribute, because the OPA343NA chain comes in the small scale of SO-8 surface exterior mount and MSOP-8 surface exterior mount.

The single OPA343NA have a tiny packages of SOT-23-5 surface exterior mount and SO-8 surface exterior  mount.

That the quad enclosure OPA343NA packages have a space saving of SO-14 surface exterior  mount, SSOP-16 surface exterior mount, and TSSOP-14 surface exterior mount.

All of this are specified from  -40°C to +85°C that can operate -55°C to +125°C.

RANTLE OPA343NA have a lot of attribute characteristics  for the users, and there’s are, OPA343NA have a micro size package, rail to rail input and output and wide  bandwidth 5.5MHz.

Dual, single and quad versions, high slow rate 6V/us, and low quiescent current 850uA/chan.

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OPA343NA have an applications, like data acquisition, PCMCIA cards, active filters, test equipment, audio processing, and good communications.

Furthermore, OPA343NA have an excellent performance that makes them well suited.

To obtain the stable unity and worthy suitable for an extensive range of the complementary  metal oxide semiconductor.

This series are fabricated by the state of the art 0.5 complementary metal oxide semiconductor processes.

Single supply of rail to rail amplifiers operational or microAmplifiers are operated from a single +5V.

That can produce a supply with 10kΩ load that connected to  VS /3.

However the voltage supply of OPA343NA can supply range from +2.6V to +5.6V.

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