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  • Competitive Price for OV9750-H55A
  • 720p 1/3-inch high-definition sensor
  • 720 HD analog network camera
  • 3.75-micron OmniPixel3-HS built-in
  • 6.3×5.2mm sensor package
  • 1280×960 SXGA operating resolution
  • OV9750
  • OV9750

The OV9750 distributed from RANTLE is incorporated with high-performance with 720p 1/3-inch high-definition sensor.

It is specifically designed for a mainstream commercial and consumer security system.

Our top-quality OV9750-H55A uses the latest OmniVision’s OmniPixel3-HS.

It also comes with a dual gain conversion illumination frontside technology.

This is utilized to capture a high-definition video.

In China, RANTLE is popular for distributing the highest quality OV9750-H55A which is highly used for 960H popular analog CCTVs.

Our excellent quality OV9750is also utilized in 720 HD and HD analog network cameras.

The best quality OV9750 is highly equipped with high near-infrared sensitivity.

These are commonly used for night and day camera applications.

Moreover, RANTLE is built-in with a 3.75-micron OmniPixel3-HS.

This comes along with the conversion dual gain architecture pixel.

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By this, our premium quality OV9750 can attain an excellent performance image.

This enables a video recording and clear image for both low light and high light environments.

RANTLE is also capable in operating a 1280×960 SXGA resolution at every 60 frames every second.

It comes along with a 10-bit output and 45fps and 12-bit output.

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Aside from that, RANTLE’s premium quality OV9750-H55A sensor can fit a 6.3×5.2mm package.

It also supports an ultra-low mode power.

This help in reducing the frame rates and resolution to preserve the additional power in a very low-power design camera.

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Reliable OV9750-H55A Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Additionally, the highest-quality OV9750-H55A supplied by RANTLE is equipped with programmable controls for frame rates, cropping, windowing, mirror, and clip.

It is also incorporated with a 58bytes of OTP memory mainly for customer use.

A quality image control is also integrated into our top-quality OV9750 for pixel defect correction and automatic level black calibration.

A broad range of high-quality OV9750-H55A is offered by RANTLE so that it can fit your needs and diverse requirements.

If you have surveillance and security cameras, RANTLE’s trusted quality OV9750 is the best choice!

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Also, for PC multimedia applications, our best quality OV9750 is highly reliable. You can also avail of

RANTLE’s dependable quality OV9750 which can be used for wearables and CCTV analog applications.

At RANTLE, you can always find what you need!

We have a lot of high-quality electronic parts including OV9750-H55A.

RANTLE is a verified and most trusted distributor as well as supplier of the highest quality electronic parts including OV9750in China.

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For over 16 years, we have accumulated tons of experience which makes us familiar with all the distribution and supplying process.

Thus, we have been trusted by lots of customers and business firms around the world.

We always stick to our goal on focusing our customers, continuous innovation and improvements of our electronic parts to meet your requirements.

Our objective is also to give you a zero-defect and zero complaints buying experience.

RANTLE will surely be your trusted supplier!

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Make RANTLE your number distributor of high-quality OV9750-H55A for your business!

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