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  • DC-DC converter
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  • standby current range: 0.2uA
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RANTLE OZ9950GN is a step-up DC-DC converter and high efficiency. It allows White LEDs series connection resulting the brightness is uniform. This step-up converter is work in a discontinuous mode. Because of that, it eases the loop stability and allow the use of small inductor that results low-cost module and high efficiency.

OZ9950GN Supplier

RANTLE OZ9950GN comes with external PWM signal (Pulse Width Modulation) and external voltage. It can be used for the function of the dimming control. Our OZ9950GN device provide the user with the feature of overvoltage protection. It has a soft start to minimize current in-rush during start-up.

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RANTLE OZ9950GN operates approximately 0.2uA of standby current. It has an input voltage up to 1.8 V to 5.5 V. RANTLE OZ9950GN comes with over voltage protection, low standby current, capacitor values and small inductor. It is widely used for cellular phones, color display backlights, and PDAs.

RANTLE OZ9950GN implementing soft start function to provide reliable operation of the load. This function is initiated when DIM-ENA voltage is greater than 0.8 V. it is determined by capacitor C3 to COMP. The OZ9950GN has a LED Current Regulation. Once the OZ9950GN is enable, the pre-set level is reached by the LED current and the R9 resistor which are connected to ISEN can sense the LED current.

OZ9950GN Distributor

Additionally, RANTLE OZ9950GN dimming control allows for both PWM dimming control and analog. By applying 100 Hz to 300 Hz external LPWM, the PWM dimming control is achieved with approximately 1.4 V to Vcc of peak.

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