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Rantle is your trusted ON PCA9306DTR2G supplier and distributor in China. We offer high-durability electronic components locally and abroad. You can always look for our latest model of the electronic part that suits your specific applications. We make sure the benefits of our offered products are for your device and even for your business. Rantle is your incomparable supplier and distributor that provides only high-standard electronic parts.


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Rantle is your constant source of any electronic components like ONSEMI PCA9306DTR2G. We have more than enough skills in finding the best electronic part your need for your applications. Our professional workers always make sure high effectiveness of our offered products. You can have it at a reasonable cost.

On the other hand, Rantle becomes more active in supplying our customers with exact quantity orders for your business. We always choose to prioritize your requests and demands. You will surely satisfy with our service and assistance. You can indeed receive an appropriate number of electronic parts for your particular applications.

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Our offered PCA9306DTR2G grants double bidirectional I2C−bus and SMBus voltages that sets-up operational voltages from 1.0 V to 3.6 V. When you switch on this electronic component, the EN input is high. On the other hand, when you switch off, the EN is low. 

This electronic component is not a bus buffer that can provide level translation and even physical ability setting apart. The mentioned electronic component disconnects both sides when your applied device is disabled. 

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In Rantle can find your desired electronic parts for any of your applications. Our PCA9306DTR2G utilizes both buses with 400 and 100kHz operating frequencies. This type of electronic part has an exclusive open-collector configuration of I2C−bus. 

We offer various sizes of this electronic component pull-up resistors depending on their systems. We are your perfect place if you are searching for the best performance of any electronic components. This electronic part we mainly introduce operates about -55°C to 125°C of temperature. It has almost 1 to 3.6V DC supply of voltages.

PCA9306DTR2G distributor

ONSEMI PCA9306DTR2G Features:

  • 2-Bit bidirectional translator for specific applications
  • Ideal for I 2C and SMBus
  • Accommodates standard and fast mode I 2C devices
  • Supports bidirectional voltage reading without direction pin
  • Less ON-state connection at the middle of input and output ports
  • It has an open-drain I 2C I/O ports 
  • Supported mix-mode signal performance
  • SCL1, SDA1, SCL2, and SDA2 pins resistance
  • Latch-up operation surpass 100 mA/JESD 78, class II 
  • Has about 5V capacity on output and input
  • Auto-direction sensing

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Rantle guarantees you a smooth processing of your orders. Our professional employees are always ready to give you complete assistance. You can indeed have durable and practical electronic components from Rantle lists.

Our best-selling electronic part products indeed have exact details and functions according to their purpose to your device. We assure you of high-quality packaging and safe transporting of such valuable products for your business.

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Furthermore, we provide a video guide on the proper installation of the specific electronic component to your device. You can indeed receive your orders on time and in the right place. We can supply your business continuously.

You can benefit from knowledgeable information from us about our offered PCA9306DTR2G. Expect approachable sales staff for your inquiries and orders. We are open 24/7  for your anytime inquiries and questions. Choosing Rantle electronic products helps your business boost to the highest level.

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To learn more about ONSEMI electronic components and parts PCA9306DTR2G, please click the PCA9306DTR2G datasheet.

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