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The Texas Instruments(TI) PCM2704CDB has an internal power-on reset circuit, which works automatically when VDD (pin 7 for the PCM2704CDB, pin 21 for the PCM2704CDB exceeds 2-V typical 1.6 to 2.4 V.

It is equivalent to VBUS pin 10 for the TI ic PCM2704CDB, pin 24 for the PCM2704CDB exceeding 3-V typical for bus-powered applications. Approximately 700 μs is required until an internal reset release occurs.

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Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts PCM2704CDB has a DAC that uses an oversampling technique with 128-ƒS, second-order, multi-bit noise shaping.

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This technique provides extremely-low quantization noise in the audio band, and the built-in analog low-pass filter removes the high-frequency components of the noise-shaping signal.

The DAC analog outputs, VOUTL and VOUTR , are sent through the headphone amplifier and can provide 12 mW at 32 Ω as well as 1.8 VPP into a 10-kΩ load.

The PCM2704CDBR employ S/PDIF output. Isochronous-out data from the host are encoded to S/PDIF output DOUT, as well as to DAC analog outputs VOUTL and VOUTR.

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The interface format and timing follow the standard. Monaural data are converted to the stereo format at the same data rate. S/PDIF output is not supported in the I 2S I/F enable mode.

These components are ready for setup when the reset sequence has finished and the USB bus is attached.

After a connection has been established (through the setup process, the TI ic parts PCM2704CDB are ready to accept USB audio data.

While waiting for the audio data this device is in an idle state, the analog output is set to bipolar zero BPZ.

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Our PCM2704CDB enter a suspended state after the USB bus has been in a constant idle state for approximately 5 ms.

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To learn more about the Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts PCM2704CDB, please click the PCM2704CDB datasheet.

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