Your Best PD85004 Supplier in China

Your Best PD85004 Distributor – Your Best PD85004 Supplier in China

RANTLE is a distributor of PD85004 that has a great thermal stability. It also has a common source configuration and broadband performances. Aside from that, we distribute PD85004 that features ESD protection. These are also supplied in tape and reel.


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We supply PD85004 which is a N-channel common source field-effect enhancement mode RF power transistor. Our PD85004 are commonly used in industrial, commercial, broad band, and high gain applications.

Also, RANTLE’s PD85004 can support a common source mode up to 13.6 V at 1 GHz frequencies. Our PD85004 is also equipped with superior efficiency and gain making it a perfect solution for any mobile radio applications.

We distribute PD85004 from different top manufacturers. Therefore, you can assure that RANTLE’s PD85004 are authentic and functional.

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Your Reliable Distributor of PD85004 – RANTLE East Electronics

RANTLE is a trusted supplier of PD85004 in China. As a professional distributor, we can supply you the best quality products and services.

Our PD85004 features a superior thermal stability for an optimized performance. Another feature of our PD85004 is its excellent common source configuration.

Additionally, RANTLE’s PD85004 can support broadband performances with POUT = 4 W with 17 dB gain @ 870MHz. It also comes with an ESD protection to ensure your safety.

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We also distribute PD85004 which is an N-channel common source field effect enhancement-mode lateral RF power transistor.

Our PD85004 are equipped with excellent efficiency and gain. Thus, our PD85004 are perfect for any mobile radio solutions.

Moreover, RANTLE’s PD85004 is incorporated with 40V drain-source voltage. A -0.5 V to +15V gate-source voltage is integrated in to our PD85004.

We are a supplier of PD85004 that features 2 A drain current for a higher performance level. It also offers a 6 W power dissipation. Therefore, you can assure that it only consumes lower energy.

Aside from that, our PD85004 can also support a maximum operating junction temperature up to 150˚C. It also has a -65 to about 150˚C storage temperature.

You can use RANTLE’s PD85004 for any commercial and industrial applications. These are also best solutions for broadband and high gain applications.

PD85004 distributor

Are you looking for a reliable quality PD85004 for your business? RANTLE is your best supplier! We offer fast delivery, reasonable rate, and excellent services.

For more than 16 years, we became an expert distributor of any electronic components. We have been a trustworthy business partner for more than thousands of clients and businesses. You can also trust RANTLE.

We offer you a sufficient stock of PD85004 for your wholesale and urgent orders. We also have a strict quality control team who cautiously checked your orders before shipping.

Rest assured that you can receive the exact item you ordered without defect.

Other than PD85004, we also supply ACS712ELCTR-20A-T, OPT3001DNPR, TM4C1294NCPDTI3, LM324AD, 6A20, KSZ8895MQXIA, and PIC16F877A-I/P.

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