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  • Competitive Price for PIC16F1826-I/SO
  • high-performance RISC CPU
  • Linear Program Memory Addressing up to 4 Kbytes
  • EEPROM capacity: 256 bytes
  • Linear Data Memory Addressing: 384 bytes
  • 2 full 16-bit FSRs
  • PIC16F1826-I/SO

RANTLE PIC16F1826-I/SO is a flash microcontroller with nano watt XLP technology. It has an RISC CPU with high performance. It includes an optimized architecture in C compiler. It has a data EEPROM with a capacity of 256 bytes and Linear Program Memory Addressing up to 4 Kbytes. Its Linear Data Memory Addressing has up to 384 bytes. Also, PIC16F1826-I/SO has a Deep Hardware Stack in 16-level with optional underflow and overflow reset. It can read data memory and program because it has 2 full 16-bit FSRs (File Select Registers).


RANTLE PIC16F1826-I/SO has various flexible oscillator structure such as Internal Oscillator Block in precision of 32 MHz.  The Internal Oscillator Block includes factory calibrated to typical ± 1% and 31 kHz to 32 MHz selectable frequencies software. Our PIC16F1826-I/SO has an internal oscillator with low power which ranges to 31 kHz. It comes with 3 External Clock modes and 4X PLL (Phase Lock Loop). Also, it comes with Reference Clock Module such as duty-cycle and programmable clock output.

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PIC16F1826-I/SO Special Microcontroller Features

PIC16F1826-I/SO Special Microcontroller Features

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RANTLE PIC16F1826-I/SO is self-programmable under the software control. It comes with POR (Power-on Reset), PWRT (Power-up Timer), and OST (Oscillator Start-up Timer). Also, it has BOR (programmable Brown-out reset, extended WDT (Watchdog timer) ranges 500 nA and Programmable Code Protection. Additionally, it has two pins via In-Circuit Debug.

Furthermore, RANTLE PIC16F1826-I/SO comes with analog features including ADC module with 12 channels, 10-bit resolution, and acquisition capability. During Sleep, the conversion is available. It has two analog comparator modules in rail-to-rail, power mode control, and controllable hysteresis software. Additionally, the PIC16F1826-I/SO comes with Voltage Reference Module. Its FVR (Fixed Voltage Reference) has an output level of 4.096V, 2.048V, and 1.024V.

PIC16F1826-I/SO Distributor

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PIC16F1826-I-SO Application Board

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PIC16F1826-I/SO Analog Features

PIC16F1826-I/SO Analog Features

PIC16F1826-I/SO Peripheral Highlights

PIC16F1826-I/SO Peripheral Highlights

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