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  • Reasonable Price for PIC18F25K22T-I/SS
  • Up to 64 Kbytes Linear Program Memory Addressing
  • Four Crystal modes up to 64 MHz
  • Watchdog Timer: 300 nA, typical
  • Peripheral Module Disable
  • PIC18F25K22T-I/SS

RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS has different structures and features.

It provides RISC CPU with high-quality performance. Our PIC18F25K22T-I/SS also has optimized architecture design with C Complier.

RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS is incorporated with instruction set with is extended optional designed to boost re-entrant code. It can hold 1024 bytes of data EEPROM and 64 kilobytes Linear program for memory addressing.

PIC18F25K22T-I/SS Supplier

This model number provides 3896 bytes linear data for memory addressing.

RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS can operate with 16 MIPS. It contains 16-bit instructions widely set and 8-bit wide path for data.

Our PIC18F25K22T-I/SS has different levels of priority for interrupts. We also provide PIC18F25K22T-I/SS with 31-level for accessible software and hardware stack. It also has 8×8 multiplier which is a single-cycle hardware.

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PIC18F25K22T-I/SS Special Microcontroller Features

PIC18F25K22T-I/SS Special Microcontroller Features

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Reliable PIC18F25K22T-I/SS Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SShas a unique structure such as flexible oscillator. It has oscillator block with highly precise 16 MHz for internal usage. It is also ± 1% highly factory calibrated and different frequencies such as 31 kHz, 16 MHz up to 64 MHz with high performance. It does not require external components. Our PIC18F25K22T-I/SS features 64 MHz modes of Four Crystal. It also has 2 external clock which can hold 64MHz. RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS has lock loop with 4X phase.

Additionally, RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS features secondary oscillator which uses Timer 1 with 32 kHz. We also provide PIC18F25K22T-I/SS with clock monitor called fail-safe which allows safety when shutting down if the outlying clock stops. RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS has oscillator which has two-speed design for a quick start-up.

PIC18F25K22T-I/SS Distributor

RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS features ADC or analog-to-digital modules. It also has resolution up to 10-bit and external channels up to 30. Our RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS is capable of auto-acquisition, conversion when sleep and multiplexing with independent input. This is ideal for touch screens because it has touch sensing capacity and capacitive switches.

RANTLE PIC18F25K22T-I/SS consumes low power because it has nano Watt XLP. It also supports sleep mode, watchdog timer and timer  1 oscillator. Our PIC18F25K22T-I/SS also has special micro controllers, It programs itself while under software control. It detects low or high voltage and resets during brown out.

RANTLE is an independent supplier of PIC18F25K22T-I/SS IC for more than 15 years. We have thousands of PIC18F25K22T-I/SS IC available to include in your business. We are distributing high quality PIC18F25K22T-I/SS IC globally. We have strong connections with popular electronic companies worldwide throughout the years.


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PIC18F25K22T-I/SS Analog Features

PIC18F25K22T-I/SS Analog Features

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