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RANTLE Power Module is complete DC/DC power solutions that reduce design time, lower cost and save board space. With a small form factor, high power efficiency and robust features such as digital control, current sharing and cascading up to six modules for high output power. These modules get you to market faster.

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RANTLE Power Module provide reliable power for FPGAs, ASICs, DSPs, and microprocessors. They leverage the advantage of a digitally-controlled power supply while eliminating the need to store operating parameters in non-volatile memory.

RANTLE Power Module has also complete PMBUS enabled DC/DC, dual-channel, step-down advance power supply, capable of delivering up to 30A per channel and optimize for high power density applications. operating across an input voltage range of 4.5V to 14V, the RANTLE Power Module offers adjustable output voltages down to 0.6V and achieves up to 95.5% conversion efficiencies.

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RANTLE Power Module is a single-channel, synchronous step-down, non-isolated complete power supply, capable of delivering up to 15A of continuous current. Operating from a single 7V to 42V wide input power rail and integrating the controller and power inductor. Power module requires only a few external components to operate and is optimized for space constrained applications.

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RANTLE Power Module is available in a thermally-enhanced QFN package. Excellent efficiency and low thermal resistance permit power operation without heat sinks or fan. In addition, the QFN package with external leads permits easy probing and visual solder inspection.

At RANTLE, we strive to give you the best Power Module with a high-quality standard. We stock an extensive range of power module and also offer a free component sourcing service for our customers. RANTLE offers swift delivery of your order with 30 days warranty. Hurry and avail now! If you are interested on our power module, feel free to contact with us today.