Your Professional QCA9531-BL3A Supplier in China

  • lower saturation voltage
  • with 10 V for a faster switching speed
  • with 100 A collector current
  • 600 V collector-base voltage
  • 300 W total power dissipation
  • 50 A reverse collector curre
  • QCA9531-BL3A
  • QCA9531-BL3A

RANTLE always strives to provide you the most efficient electronic parts to our valuable customers.

That is why RANTLE offers a vast range of electronic parts including high-quality QCA9531-BL3A.

If you purchase your premium quality QCA9531-BL3A at RANTLE, we assure that these will be a big help in your business’s success.

QCA9531-BL3A distributor

At RANTLE, you can discover a superior quality QCA9531-BL3A with advance features which makes it suitable for all your needs.

At RANTLE, you can avail of our excellent quality QCA9531-BL3A which features a power transistor of dual Darlington modules.

Our superior quality QCA9531-BL3A is integrated with a series of connected high-speed and high-power Darlington transistors.

Each transistor of our high-quality QCA9531-BL3A contains a certain reverse parallel for a faster diode recovery.

For a higher efficiency, RANTLE distributes a premium quality QCA9531-BL3A with lower saturation voltage.

Our excellent quality QCA9531-BL3A is also incorporated with isolated mounting base for easy assembling.

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Reliable QCA9531-BL3A Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

In China, RANTLE is a popular supplier of reliable quality QCA9531-BL3A with 10 V for a faster switching speed.

Aside from that, our dependable quality QCA9531-BL3A is equipped with 600 V collector-base voltage.

We are also distributing the best quality QCA9531-BL3A which features a 600 V collector-emitter voltage.

It also supports a 10 V emitter-base voltage for a better solution.

QCA9531-BL3A supplier

For a maximum performance level, we are supplying a high-quality QCA9531-BL3A with 100 A collector current.

You can also avail RANTLE’s superior quality QCA9531-BL3A that features a 50 A reverse collector current.

Additionally, we also have the best quality QCA9531-BL3A that can provide a 3 A base current for full utilization.

To ensure that you can fully get the most out of our QCA9531-BL3A, it is fabricated with 300 W total power dissipation.

QCA9531-BL3A price

We are also supplying an excellent quality QCA9531-BL3A which is designed with 2500 V isolation voltage.

Moreover, a premium quality QCA9531-BL3A that supports a -40˚C up to +150˚C junction temperature is also available at RANTLE.

Our superior quality QCA9531-BL3A is also specially designed with a storage temperature ranging from -40˚C up to +125˚C.

Because of that, RANTLE’s highest-quality QCA9531-BL3A is perfectly suitable for applications like motor control.

It is also best to be used for AC/DC servo and UPS applications.

To top it up, RANTLE’s high-quality QCA9531-BL3A is also suitable for ultrasonic and switching power supply applications.

RANTLE has over 16 years of supplying the best quality QCA9531-BL3A to our valuable customers.

Other than that, throughout the decade, we have gained a lot of experience and trust from thousands of customers.

Therefore, you can also trust RANTLE to be your supplier!

Buy QCA9531-BL3A

At RANTLE, we offer competitive cost yet quality products including the QCA9531-BL3A.

We also have a swift delivery of your orders.

At RANTLE, you can surely save time and money.

Plus, hassle-free transaction is also guaranteed!

Your inquires will all be catered by our customer service team if you contact us today!

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