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  • Reasonable Price for RTL8218B
  • Low power consumption < 300mW per port and 25MHz crystal or 3.3V OSC input
  • Full-duplex in 10/100/1000M mode
  • Support for the Giga lite (500Mbps) function.
  • Octal-port integrated 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet transceiver
  • RTL8218B
  • RTL8218B

RANTLE RTL8218B integrates independent Octal Gigabit Ethernet Transceivers into a single integrated circuit.

This RTL8218B device carry out all of the substantial layer (PHY) functions for 10Base-T , 100Base-TX , and 1000Base-T.

Ethernet on classification 5 UTP cable except 1000Base-T half-duplex.

And 10Base-T functionality can also be achieved on standard category of 4 or 5 cable.

RTL8218B device includes PCS and PMB sub-layers.

RTL8218B Supplier

RTL8218B can perform decoding and encoding, clock/ data recovery, crosstalk elimination, digital adaptive equalization, echo cancellers and line driver as well as other need supporting circuit functions.

The RTL8218 device also integrates an internal mixture that authorized the use of cheap 1:1 transformer transceivers.

Every one of the four individualistic transceivers features has an original QSGMII/ RSGMII-plus for lessening the PCB traces.

All transceivers can transmit with the Macintosh at the same time between the same QSGMII /RSGMII-plus.

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Reliable RTL8218B Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE RTL8218B have a lot of features, RTL8218B have an octal-port integrated 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet transceiver.

It can Supports for RSGMII-plus (5Gbps serial high speed interface) in 10/100/1000 mode.

And Supports for IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE).

Supports for Sync Ethernet. Support for Realtek EEEP.

Supports for Realtek’s Cable Test (RTCT). RTL8218B have a Low power consumption < 300mW per port and 25MHz crystal or 3.3V OSC input.

RTL8218B Distributor

Each RTL8218B port supports for a full duplex in 10/100/1000M mode (half duplex is only supported in 10/100M mode).

RTL8218B Supports for QSGMII (5Gbps serial high speed interface) in 10/100/1000 mode. It can supports auto correction and crossover detection in 10Base-T/100Base-T.

Supports IEEE 1588 v2.

Auto-detection and auto-correction of wiring pair skew, pair swaps, and pair polarity.

Supports Realtek’s Green Ethernet Link-Up Power Saving and  Link-Down Power Saving.

Easy to layout, good EMI, and good thermal performance.

In Addition, the RTL8218B fix Octal Gigabit Ethernet PHYs in one chip.

Each port of RTL8218B uses a single common interface to support the 10Base-T, 100Base-Tx, and 1000Base-T.

This RTL8218B interface consist of four signals pairs.

Each of signal pair consist of two bi- directional pins that can transfer and accept at the same time.

RTL8218B Price

RANTLE RTL8218B interface have an internal resistors termination and lessen complications.

RANTLE RTL8218B also support for the Giga lite (500Mbps) function.

RANTLE distributed RTL8218B transceiver devices for a entire and complete set.

RANTLE can provide a total set of RTL8218B transceivers gigabit Ethernet.

RTL8218B are design with a safety and unique design.

All of our transceiver devices have a complete manuals.

The installation of RTL8218B is unique and usable.

RANTLE can help you to provide RTL8218B transceiver devices.

It’s our responsibility to provide a profit making products.

Having RTL8218B can give best and large business impacts.

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