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  • Competitive Price for S-1132B18-M5T1G
  • Provides selectable 0.1V step, 1.5 V up to 5.5 V output voltage
  • Consume current from typical 20 mA to a maximum of 40 mA
  • Long-life battery since it is incorporated with an ON/OFF built-in circuit.
  • S-1132B18-M5T1G
  • S-1132B18-M5T1G

The S-1132B18-M5T1G supplied by RANTLE is a regulator with positive voltage.

It is also a low-current consumption down to 300 mA, output voltage with high accuracy and low-voltage dropout which is developed based on a CMOS technology.

A small 0.1 mF ceramic capacitor can be used together with our high-quality S-1132B18-M5T1G for a better level of performance.

It can also operate a typical of 20 mA lower consumption of current.

Our high-quality also supports a built-in circuit for over current protection.

It averts an output current against exceeding a current capacity of an output transistor.

Compared to the 300mA conventional CMOS voltage output current regulators, our top-quality S-1132B18-M5T1G supports a high-density mounting through utilizing the super small package as well as the small 0.1 mF ceramic capacitor.

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Reliable S-1132B18-M5T1G Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Apart from that, RANTLE’s excellent quality S-1132B18-M5T1G provides selectable 0.1V step, 1.5 V up to 5.5 V output voltage.

It also features an input voltage ranging from 2.0 V to about 6.5 V. A ±1.0% output accuracy voltage is provided by RANTLE’s best quality S-1132B18-M5T1G.

Its dropout voltage can take up to typical of 130 mV.

During an operation, our S-1132B18-M5T1G can consume current from typical 20 mA to a maximum of 40 mA.

Also, during a power-off, it can consume current from typical 0.01 mA up to a maximum of 1.0 mA.

S-1132B18-M5T1G Supplier

RANTLE distributes S-1132B18-M5T1G which has a 300mA output current.

A typical of 70 dB ripple rejection is also equipped into our S-1132B18-M5T1G to give you a maximum performance level.

You can also assure that it has a long-life battery since it is incorporated with an ON/OFF built-in circuit.

Our best quality S-1132B18-M5T1G can operate within a range of operating temperature from -40°C to about+85°C.

Moreover, our top-quality S-1132B18-M5T1G offers the best solution for various applications including mobile devices.

Power-supply for any battery-powered devices can also use RANTLE’s durable S-1132B18-M5T1G.

Also, power-supply for any communication personal device, RANTLE’s proven quality S-1132B18-M5T1G can be very applicable too.

Our S-1132B18-M5T1G can also be suitable in any power-supply for electric home appliance applications.

If your work or business concerns with power-supply for a cellular phone, trust RANTLE’s proven quality S-1132B18-M5T1G.

If you are searching for a trusted and reliable supplier of S-1132B18-M5T1G and various electronic components, don’t forget to consider RANTLE! At RANTLE, we have an unlimited stock for all types of electronic parts.

Whether you are in military, aerospace transportation, medical, computers or other industry, RANTLE can help you find the exact electronic parts you need.

No doubt, RANTLE is a trusted distributor!

For around 16 years, we distribute authentic and good condition S-1132B18-M5T1G and other electronic parts in China.

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Usually we ship your S-1132B18-M5T1G within 1-5 days upon processing your payments.

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