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  • Competitive Price for S3F94C4EZZ-VK94
  • Operating temperature ranges: 40˚C + 85˚C
  • Highly advanced CMOS process
  • Configurable I/O ports
  • S3F94C4EZZ-VK94

RANTLE S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 is a useful A/D converter in field application. It comes with microcontroller in a single-chip and 8-bit.

The S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 is constructed using a highly advance complementary metal-oxide semiconductor process in single-chip microcontroller. This process is highly based with powerful architecture of Samsung CPU.

RANTLE S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 were implemented to lessen a power consumption due to its “stop and idle” or “power down” modes.

As Samsung CPU architecture basis, our S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 offer a fast and efficient CPU series of 8-bit single chip CMOS microcontrollers.

It also offers in a wide range of characterized peripherals and offers various sizes of programmable ROM. Furthermore, it has powerful core integrated by the configurable I/O ports by using the approach of SAM88RCRI.

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Reliable S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

All RANTLE S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 are requiring simple timer/counter or PWM to use in a broad range of electronics application which is versatile in general-purpose microcontroller. In addition, the S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 provide wide range of operating voltage and low power consumption due to its advance CMOS technology. At RANTLE, our S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 are packed in DIP, SOP and TSSOP package in various number.

RANTLE provide S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 which features the internal multi-time program memory, full-flash memory and 208-byte general-purpose register area. Also featuring a maximum 18 pins of an I/O ports and programmable bit ports. We offer S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 that provide external crystal oscillator operates in various ranges depending on its capacity.

S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 Distributor

Furthermore, RANTLE S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 comes with operating temperature operates in ranges 40˚C + 85˚C, Operating Voltage operates in various ranges with built-in RESET Circuit (LVR), Smart Option and it comes with the function of watchdog and time interval modes.

RANTLE can provide S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 microcontrollers with internal file register and internal memory programmed in full flash (ROM). The S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 have a multi-time-programmable full flash memory program in a various Kbytes to configures the internal ROM mode. The internal file register has a general-purpose registered.

At RANTE, we can fully supply your ideal part number to fit your specific needs. We work hard to give you the best part number S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 that guarantees safety, high strength and reliability. Sourcing S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 at RANTLE, you can save your money. Our efficient online procurement environment ensures lower transaction costs and allows you to buy what you need, when you need it. We offer a free component sourcing service for our customers because we stock an extensive range of power module.

By choosing the RANTLE S3F94C4EZZ-VK94, we can help to ensure the suitability and performances of our competitive product. As an independent S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 supplier, RANTLE guarantee you the highest quality product and service of this part number. We offer a fast delivery of your S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 and your order will be able to reach your desk within 2-5 business days. You won’t have to worry about this because we provide 30 days warranty of your orders.

Feel free to contact with us if you are interested with our durable S3F94C4EZZ-VK94 IC. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will contact with back within 24 hours.




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