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RANTLE is a well-known distributor from the most prominent manufacturer in the world like MICROCHIP, XILINX, ALTERA, MAXIM, Analog Devices Inc., Texas Instrument, and so much more. Rest assured that SG3525AN distributed by RANTLE are high-quality and authentic.


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Our SG3525AN are pulse that comes with modulator control circuits. It offers lower external parts and improved performance count especially when implemented to control any type of a switching power supply. Our SG3525A has an +5.1V on-chip that is trimmed into ±1%.

RANTLE SG3525AN has an error amplifier that comes with input voltage common-mode range. It includes reference voltage therefore it can eliminate the requirements of external divider resistors.

It also has a sync input in its oscillator. It allows synchronization of single units and slaved multiple units into external system clock.

Also, SG3525AN distributed by RANTLE can operate within 8.0V up to 35 V operation. It also has a 100Hz up to 400KHz range of oscillator.

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Your Expert Distributor of SG3525AN in China – RANTLE East Electronic

RANTLE is an authorized distributor of high-quality SG3525AN in China. We can help you in sourcing the best quality SG3525AN that suits your needs.

Our SG3525AN is a width pulse modulator control circuit. It can offer you a lower external parts and enhanced performance especially when implemented to control switching power supplies.

Its +5.1 V on-chip is trimmed down to ±1%. Its error amplifier has also voltage common-mode input range which includes reference voltage. Thus, you can assure that it will eliminate the necessity of external divider resistor.

We distribute SG3525AN that features a sync input. It allows synchronization of single units and slaved multiple units to external clock system.

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Additionally, our SG3525AN offers vast array of deadtime. It is programmable by using a single resistor that is connected between the discharge pins and Ct.

RANTLE’s SG3525AN also feature a built-in soft-start circuitry in its output stages. It can provide an instantaneous turn-off via PWM latch with pulsed shutdown. It also gives a soft-start recycle with a longer shutdown command.

Moreover, we distribute SG3525AN with under-voltage lockout. It inhibits its output and changing the soft-start capacitor especially if the Vcc is below nominal.

The output stages of our SG3525AN are totem-pole design. Therefore, it is capable of sourcing and sinking in 200mA excess. It also features NOR logistic that can result in low-output for off-state.

Other than that, RANTLE’s SG3525AN supports 8.0 V up to 35 V operation. It also has 100 Hz to 400 kHz range of oscillator. Our SG3525AN is also equipped with separate Sync pin oscillator. An adjustable deadtime control is also incorporated in our SG3525AN for a maximum performance.

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Furthermore, we distribute SG3525AN that features pulse-by-pulse shutdown and ±400 mA peak sink outputs and dual source.

an optimal performance, we also have SG3525AN that is equipped with input lockout undervoltage and latching PWM that prevents multiple pulses.

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is becomes an expert when it comes to sourcing highest-quality electronic parts. We have friendly and knowledgeable sales team who will guide and assist you throughout the transaction.

We also offer fast delivery for your component orders. We have 75% of electronic parts available for short lead time and immediate delivery.

Other than SG3525AN, we also have ATMEGA32A-AU, IRF7416, CP2102-GM, ACS712ELCTR-20A-T, OPT3001DNPR, TM4C1294NCPDTI3, and more.

Whether you are in need of SG3525AN, RANTLE is your best choice! RANTLE is surely your top supplier and distributor of the highest-quality SG3525AN.

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Learn more about the SG3525AN, please check the SG3525AN datasheet for your reference.

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