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RANTLE SI4463-B1B-FMR is device for motherboard to support the frequency range connecting to 142 and 1050 Hz and has maximum output power range between -20 and +20 dBm.

It is a tool needed to evaluate and provides wireless communication in the low current transceivers to operate 915 MHz frequency.

Si4463 offers a frequent amounts of coverage in all utmost bands like optimize noise phase, blockage, and etc.

SI4463-B1B-FMR supplier

Offering exceptional power output up to +20dBm that has excellent TX efficiency.

RANTLE SI4463-B1B-FMR features fast preamble detection has 100bps up to 1Mbps data rate.

Regarding the power supply it caters up to 1.8 to 3.8V with magnificent selectivity performance between 79 db blocking at 1MHz to 69 db adjacent channel.

It also features 10/13 mA RX low active power expenditure with ultra low current power down modes to 30 nA shutdown and 40 nA standby.

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Reliable SI4463-B1B-FMR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE SI4463-B1B-FMR is design to generates the radio frequency to the alternating current which can applied also to the antenna.

Si4463 can be utilize for wireless devices including all gadgets that has a Bluetooth and electronic devices and telecommunications.

The Si4463 offers rare power technology that can generate more power efficiency that would give an outstanding power to the device.

The range of Si4463 are high quality.


RANTLE SI4463-B1B-FMR is extremely flexible that can be formed over wireless development suite or WDS.

Memories are built into the chip with great advance features that can support all the devices both unidirectional for the data connection.

Si4463 can give a high quality of standard based on the power wireless applications including metering smart or alarm.

And the SI4463-B1B-FMR has receivers to receive the communications for all the wide range of the applications that are given.

SI4463-B1B-FMR application board

However, RANTLE SI4463-B1B-FMR have a current active consumption for the fast times to make sure that the devices will meet the exact regulatory standard.

All devices are design by the RANTLE have a compliance for the standards of power.

It gives the system-level function such as an automatic transmission, range with the good acknowledgment for the hardware security acceleration and processing for functional safety applications.

In RANTLE you can assure that Si4463 has the best features that can help you satisfy your needs.

SI4463-B1B-FMR price

Because the goals of RANTLE is to help the customers find the Si4463 easier.

If you are searching for the best supplier of the SI4463-B1B-FMR model number, RANTLE has a professional service manufacturer.

We can provide this in global searching network.

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