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SLVU2.8-4.TB TDistributor – Your Best SLVU2.8-4.TBT Supplier in China

Rantle is one of the best SEMTECH SLVU2.8-4.TBT distributor. We have been distributing all kind of electric components. We have available a large number of components including SLVU2.8-4.TBT. Excellently use a wide kind of industrial and automated applications.


Are you looking for a high-quality SLVU2.8-4.TBT? RANTLE can help you source with it!


Rantle is one of the greatest choice of any part number of electrical components. We own wide range of an outstanding Electronic components outlet.

The SEMTECH SLVU2.8-4 series of transient voltage suppressors are designed to protect low voltage.

From our state-of-the-art CMOS semiconductors from transients caused by electrostatic discharge, cable discharge events lightning and other induced voltage surges.

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Your Trustworthy SLVU2.8-4.TBT Distributor and Supplier – RANTLE East Electronics

Electronic equipment is susceptible to transient disturbances from a variety of sources including: ESD to an open connector or interface, direct or nearby lightning strikes to cables.

SLVU2.8-4.TBT supplier

Rantle SLVU2.8-4.TBT is designed to protect sensitive components from damage and latchup which may result from such transient events

The SLVU2.8-4.TBT devices are constructed using Semtech’s proprietary EPD process technology. The EPD process provides low standoff voltages with significant reductions in leakage currents and capacitance over silicon avalanche diode processes.

SLVU2.8-4.TBT distributor

The SEMTECH components SLVU2.8-4.TBT features an integrated low capacitance compensation diode that allows the device to be configured to protect one unidirectional line or when paired with a second SLVU2.8, two high-speed line pairs.

The low capacitance design of the SLVU2.8-4.TB means signal integrity is preserved in high-speed applications such as 10/100 Ethernet.

The SLVU2.8-4.TBT is in an SOP-8 package and has a low 2.8-volt working voltage. The low clamping voltage of the SLVU2.8 minimizes the stress on the protected IC.

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It is specifically designed to protect low voltage components such as Ethernet transceivers, laser diodes, ASICs, and high-speed RAM.

Rantle is a professional distributor. We can able to distribute into a different manufacturer on any surface of the world.

Together with our well- trained and professional team, we can manage your orders carefully to detail.

Rantle is dedicated to fabricating an electronic component in many years. We have sufficient experience and expertise in designing high-quality components.

Our capability made us confident to undoubtedly and efficiently promote your project demands. Rantle will help you take your sales to the succeeding level.

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Rantle distributes high-quality of SEMTECH IC components SLVU2.8-4.TBT, SLVU2.8-4, SLVU2.8-4.TB and we offer these at competitive prices. Our products are all perfect and suit your budget.

With excellent service, Rantle will be your most reliable and most trustworthy one-stop source.

To learn more about the SEMTECH electronic components and parts SLVU2.8-4.TBT, please click the SLVU2.8-4 datasheet.

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