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  • Fast Delivery with SN74HC4060DR
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V
  • Outputs Can Drive Up To 10 LSTTL Loads
  • Low Input Current of 1 µA Max
  • Allow Design of Either RC- or Crystal-Oscillator Circuits
  • SN74HC4060DR

RANTLE SN74HC4060DR has 2V to 6V voltage range for wide operating. It has can drive up maximum outputs of 10 LSTTL loads. Our SN74HC4060DR has Maximum ICC of 80-µA to consume low power supply.

It also has maximum of 1 µA input current. RANTLE SN74HC4060DR keeps designs for crystal oscillator or RC circuits.

SN74HC4060DR Supplier

RANTLE SN74HC4060DR is incorporated with an oscillator with ripple-carry counter stages. The configuration of oscillator keeps the crystal-oscillator and RC circuits designs.

It has a low-to-high transformation in the clock inserts increments in the counter. In the high level at the clear input, weaken the oscillator and returns the counter to zero.

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SN74HC4060DR Features

SN74HC4060DR Features

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RANTLE SN74HC4060DR has a 7-stage binary design with a pulse-shaping input circuit. All the output stages of RANTLE SN74HC4060DR are externally available. A clear high signal resets all the output to low and clears counter. RANTLE SN74HC4060DR has full operation military temperature range of -55°C up to 125°C.

RANTLE SN74HC4060DR features synchronous and preset counters that is best for high-speed counting. It provides flip-flop clock designs simultaneously which provide coincident change of output. This enable count-enable inputs and internal gating when instructed. RANTLE SN74HC4060DR operation can remove output spikes with the asynchronous counters.

SN74HC4060DR Distributor

RANTLE SN74HC4060DR decade and binary counter are programmable. It can count down and up. It also offers clearing both asynchronous and synchronous. All are positive-going edge executed in the clock. RANTLE SN74HC4060DR functions works by putting low level asynchronous clear.

RANTLE SN74HC4060DR offers a broad range of applications such as time-delay and frequency-dividing circuits. It is also best for counter controls. Surely, RANTLE will give you the best SN74HC4060DR.

Sourcing SN74HC4060DR and another electronic component is not very easy. However, RANTLE will help solve your most difficult electronic component sourcing problem. RANTLE have almost 300 model numbers available for immediate delivery. We can help you save your time and money if you choose RANTLE as your supplier of SN74HC4060DR.

At RANTLE, we have thousands of SN74HC4060DR IC available to help grow your business. We are an independent supplier of electronic components for more than 15 years worldwide. We also deal SN74HC4060DR IC worldwide. Through the years, we have established a long-term business connection with the popular global electronic companies.

SN74HC4060DR Board

If you choose us, you are rest assured for having the best quality SN74HC4060DR IC you can ever have. RANTLE has a strict quality control team who provides more time to ensure the quality of all the parts we deal.

We recommend you our excellent quality SN74HC4060DR IC without trouble and your order will be received within 2-5 days. We can provide you the excellent quality electronic components and the best service at the most affordable prices. RANTLE provides you 30 days warranty so no need to worry.

If you have more inquiries, feel free to reach the team. Within 24 hours, our team will contact you back.


SN74HC4060DR description

SN74HC4060DR Description

SN74HC4060DR absolute maximum ratings

SN74HC4060DR absolute maximum ratings

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