• Overriding¬†clear terminates output pulse
  • D-C triggered from Active-high or Active-low gated logic input
  • Retriggerable for very long output pulses
  • Internal timing resistors

RANTLE SN74LS123D can operate up to 2 V to 5.5 V VCC. It comes with Schmitt-Trigger Circuitry and has slow input for transition rates. Featuring output pulses for retriggerable and overriding clear terminates. It has a logic input for edge triggered from active-low or active-high gated inputs. Our SN74LS123D exceeds 100 mA latch-up performances per JESD 78. It exceeds JESD 22 for ESD protection.

RANTLE SN74LS123D are designed for VCC operation ranges up to 2 V to 5.5 V since our devices are dual retiggerable and multivibrators monostable. It has an output pulse-duration. This output pulse-duration is controlled by the three methods. First, the high-level-active input goes high when the low-level-active input is low. Second, the low-level-active input goes low when the high-level-active input is high. Lastly, the CLR input goes high when the low-level-active input is low and the high-level-active input is high.




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RANTLE SN74LS123Dis also designed for communication between the data buses. It has a control function for minimizing the requirements of external timing. It can be use as 8- or 16-bit transceiver for allowing the data transmission from the bus A to the bus B depending on DIR input logic level.

RANTLE SN74LS123D can select capacitance values and external resistance due to the output pulse duration programmed in the device. The user must connect between REXT/CEXT and CEXT for the capacitor in external timing. VCC and REXT/CEXT for external resistor. For obtaining the variable of pulse durations, the VCC and REXT/CEXT can be used in connecting the external variable resistance. By taking CLR low, the output pulse duration will reduce.

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Furthermore, the pulse triggering of SN74LS123D occurs at the voltage level. It is not related directly to the input pulse transition time.SN74LS123D is able to handle input transition in slow rates with jitter-free triggering. The low-level-active input, high-level-active input, and CLR input of SN74LS123Duses Schmitt triggers with enough hysteresis at the output. To override the low-level-activeor high-level-active inputs, the CLR input will be use.

RANTLE SN74LS123D devices are quadruple bus buffer with 3-state output and has a line driver. When the output-enable or OE input is on high, each of the output are disabled. The output-enable input should be tied to VCC during power down or power up to ensure the high-impedance state through a pullup resistor. The capability of the current-sinking of the driver is determined through the minimum value of the resistor.

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