Your Best ST1S14PHR Distributor in China

ST1S14PHR Distributor - Your ST1S14PHR Supplier in China

Rantle is your trusted ST IC chips ST1S14PHR supplier and distributor in China. We are also confident to deal our high-featured electronic components abroad. Rantle is the perfect partner that can fully support your electronic component supplies for your business. You can tell us your choice and specifications, and we will provide any of them for you. You can already have high-quality ST1S14PHR at low costs.


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Rantle runs this electronic component business with the help of our professional workers and electromechanical engineers. We have a solid foundation that intends to meet your quality standards. Rantle successfully provides all the functional electronic components like ST1S14PHR to all of our clients worldwide.

So if you want to include these Rantle electronic component products in your business, we can constantly support you with it. Your inquiries are pleased with our expert employees. You can indeed receive satisfying information for your ordered ST1S14PHR and many other electronic components.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable ST1S14PHR Supplier and Distributor in China

Rantle used to give prioritized with the requests of our loyal customers. We can provide you a complete solution to any problem with processing your orders. But then so far, we successfully process orders of our customers. 

ST1S14PHR supplier

We are your best ST1S14PHR distributor in China that extends distributing electronic products to other countries. Many brokers and manufacturers also keep on touching us, especially when ST1S14PHR is not available on their channels.

The ST IC parts ST1S14PHR can indeed help to heighten sales and customers to your business. We can also give you ideas on successfully marketing these valuable electronic components, especially ST1S14PHR.

ST1S14PHR distributor

ST1S14PHR Features:
  • Have an accurate range of operating voltages
  • Fixed switching internal frequency
  • Internal soft-start
  • Zero load current functions
  • Thermal shut down
  • Installed compensation network

This STMicroelectronics(STM) ST1S14PHR is a step-down function type of electronic component. The high-quality ST1S14PHR has a positive output of configurations. Our offered ST1S14PHR is perfect for its specific application considering it is an adjustable output type. 

The reliable ST1S14PHR operates a minimum of 5.5V to a maximum of 48V input voltages. We make sure its proper measures of voltages for its outstanding performance. It also functions with about -40°C ~ 125°C (TJ) operating temperature.

Rantle ST1S14PHR performs with about 850kHz switching frequency. We assure you of a protected packaging and transporting your immense orders of electronic components. We can lead you to the ideal type of electronic component you need.

ST1S14PHR Applications:
  • Perfect for printers
  • DC modules
  • Immense current LED drivers
  • Factory industrialization

As your instant supplier, we never disappoint your trust and expectation with the quality of our ST1S14PHR. We make sure you’ll get worthy and in the best performance of ST1S14PHR and its series. 

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You can tell us more of your needed electronic components, and we will provide you with them. Rantle ST1S14PHR is in high features and condition for the best operation of your applicable device. Our staffs are all out to accommodate your inquiries.

Rantle is open 24/7 for your orders anytime. We care about your business, sales, and customers. Trust on Rantle, and you will see how far your electronic component business is going. Please send us your questions and inquiries right here!

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To learn more about STMicroelectronics(STM) electronic components and parts ST1S14PHR, please click the ST1S14PHR datasheet.

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