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Rantle is your licensed supplier and distributor of high-definition electronic parts, especially the TDA21240AUMA1. We constantly ship tons of our TDA21240 to the most prominent electronic market names and brands outside the country. Rantle has professional electromechanical engineers capable of distributing all your needed TDA21240 that centrally follows your specific requirements, request, and set of applications. All of our TDA21240 is friendly and affordable. 


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Rantle provides you a chained series of all the TDA21240 you need. We have 17 years in a massive distribution cycle and have built a strong reputation serving our clients. We can help you back up your electronic business and profession by sustaining you with a sufficient supply of the TDA21240. 

Rantle distributes most of the top-charting electronic parts, specifically the TDA21240. It has sufficient power accuracy that can retain the normality and consistency of your system device functions. You are free to consult us for the available components you need, or you can also send us your full-detail specifications of TDA21240. 

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Rantle has decades of experience in sourcing out your TDA21240 and other electronic parts. We help those worldwide network vendors in enhancing their electronic business productivity and development. Our managing staff takes time to discuss the operation for your TDA21240.

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The INFINEON IC components TDA21240 provides the best-in-class for low power loss and efficiency. It is a significant component that efficiently raises the switching frequencies and enables the system designer to save the board spaces that consistently deliver superior performance within your system.

Main Features of TDA21240:

  • Fastest switching technology
  • Improved performance system performance 
  • Highest switching frequency
  • For synchronous buck converter step down voltage applications 
  • Shoot through protection
  • Remote driver disable function
  • Undervoltage lockout
  •  40A of maximum average current
  • 25V MOSFETs Power Rate
  • Tri-state of WM input functionality
  • Compatible to standard controller integrated circuits

TDA21240 is also the highest efficiency on a minor form factor designed to have a constant function of your devices. It is a RoHS electronic part that enormously helps in combining the little package detail of your devices. Thus, we have it in other up-gradation that are likely suitable for your specific devices, models, and applications.

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TDA21240 Mainly Used For:

  • High Power Density for Voltage Regulator Modules
  • Notebook GPU/CPU Regulation
  • Desktop
  • Desktop Graphic Cards
  • Server Voltage Regulator Buck Converter
  • DDR Memory
  • Graphic Memory
  • DCDC Industrial Applications
  • Single-Phase POL
  • Multi-Phase POL

The INFINEON TDA21240 is one of the most popular electronic parts in the field of electronic and automotive installations. It connects thoroughly to a power that is compatible with 3.3V. The TDA21240 operates with an input power voltage of +4.5 V to +16 V with a maximum switching frequency of 1000.0 kHz.

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The Evident Benefits of Using TDA21240:

  • Thermal Warning
  • Integrated Bootstrap Diode
  • Does Not Require An External Diode
  • 94% Peak Efficiency
  • Remote Driver Disable Function

Rantle primarily focuses on distributing active and passive electromechanical components. As a certified distributor, we have plenty of stock available for all your urgent orders. We can give you the best prices for every TDA21240 you purchase.

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Rantle guarantees that quality standard comes first. We put our customers as our #1 priority. Rantle has the most knowledgeable and professional customer service staff who can assist you and give you prompt responses in any of your inquiries, questions, suggestions, and complaints.

Think of Rantle East Electronic as your only source for all electronic components. Call and message us now!

To learn more about INFINEON electronic components and parts TDA21240AUMA1, please click the TDA21240 datasheet.

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