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Rantle is an Texas Instruments(TI) TLC2543CN distributor independently creates small-size boards through advanced technology. Highly integrated chip design TLC2543CN has ability to connect with another device. Rantle offer powerful TLC2543CNat competitive rates.


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If you are looking for great and best source of TLC2543CN Rantle is your ultimate solution. We have wide selection of different part number of our electrical components. Texas Instruments(TI) TLC2543CN is 12-bit, switched capacitor, successive-approximation, analog-todigital converters.

Each device, with three control inputs [chip select the input-output clock, and the address input is designed for communication with the serial port of a host processor or peripheral through a serial 3-state output. The device allows high-speed data transfers from the host.

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Rantle can supply quality and functional TLC2543CN. This analog device can bring many advantages and benefits.

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In addition to the high-speed converter and versatile control capability, the device has an on-chip 14-channel multiplexer that can select any one of 11 inputs or any one of three internal self-test voltages. The sample-and-hold function is automatic.

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At the end of conversion, the end-of-conversion output goes high to indicate that conversion is complete. The converter incorporated in the device features differential high-impedance reference inputs that facilitate ratio metric conversion, scaling and isolation of analog circuitry from logic and supply noise.

A switched-capacitor design allows low-error conversion over the full operating temperature range.

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Rantle TLC2543CN is characterized for operation from TA = 0°C to 70°C. The TLC2543CN is characterized for operation from TA = –40°C to 85°C. The TLC2543CN is characterized for operation from TA = –55°C to 125°C.

Rantle can supply any part number according to your needs for your projects required. We can able to distribute your order timely. Rantle is a trusted TLC2543CN supplier which can support your projects and business.

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Rantle deal with outstanding TLC2543CN at very affordable prices. Rantle truly delivers excellent quality service for you. We pride ourselves as a trustworthy distributor and supplier of all types of analog devices.

For orders, please email or call us right away. Our customer-friendly sales team will get back to you sooner.

To learn more about the Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts TLC2543CN, please click the TLC2543 datasheet.

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