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Your Best TLC5925IPWR Distributor – Your Best TLC5925IPWR Supplier in China

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The TI TLC5925IPWR is designed for LED displays and LED lighting applications. The TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TLC5925IPW contains a 16-bit shift register and data latches, which convert serial input data into parallel output format.

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At the TLC5925IPWR output stage, 16 regulated-current ports provide uniform and constant current for driving LEDs within a wide range of VF variations. Used in system design for LED display applications the TLC5925IPW provides great flexibility and device performance.

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Users can adjust the output current from 3 mA to 45 mA through an external resistor, which gives flexibility in controlling the light intensity of LEDs. TLC5925IPWR is designed for up to 17 V at the output port. The high clock frequency, 30 MHz, also satisfies the system requirements of high-volume data transmission.

The serial data is transferred into TLC5925IPWR via SDI, shifted in the shift register, and transferred out via SDO. LE can latch the serial data in the shift register to the output latch. OE enables the output drivers to sink current.

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Learn more about the TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TLC5925IPWR, please click the TLC5925IPW datasheet.

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