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Rantle is your well-established company that can supply and distributes your exact ordered electronic components like TLV1117LV18DCYR. We can be your complete source of your selling various types of electronic components. We offer it at a reasonable cost. You will surely not regret choosing Rantle as your partner in business. We can provide the most suitable number part of TLV1117LV18DCYR for any of your applications.


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If you are looking for affordable electronic components but with a high-quality condition and performance, Rantle is the perfect company for you. We have a wide selection of various types of practical electronic parts, including TLV1117LV18DCYR. We are also ready to help you look for the best models for your device applications.

Giving you satisfying assistance and high-quality products is our line of works. We intend to meet your standard and expectations with our offered TLV1117LV18DCYR qualities and operation. Rantle is your qualified distributor of worthy electronic component products, mainly TLV1117LV18DCYR.

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Rantle is well-known for providing only high-quality products in China. We make sure of its durable design and protected thermal shutdown and overcurrent. It operates at nearly 455 mV at 1 A for VOUT = 3.3 V dropout. This high-quality electronic component has an operating temperature range of about –40°C to 125°C.

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We are keeping our high-standard quality services for the best of our customer’s business.  Our offered TLV1117LV18DCYR has the best performance at a low cost. We can guide you until you achieve a successful electronic component business. 

Texas Instruments(TI) TLV1117LV18DCYR has about 1.1 A minimum ensured current. Its 0-Ω ESR is constant with cost-effective ceramic capacity. The TI components TLV1117LV18DCYT is 500 times lesser than standard 1117 devices. The specific number of TLV1117LV18DCYR has a 1.5% typical accuracy. We lead as the most trusted partners in the electronic part business.

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Choosing Rantle can support your start-up electronic part business. We include this TLV1117LV18DCYR to the lists of our accessible electronic component products. You can select your TLV1117LV18DCYR in different numbers parts with our assistance. Our full of knowledge workers are ready to assist every level of processing your orders.

Rantle responsibly provides all your needed electronic components for your applications. What you choose is also what you exactly get from Rantle. We also allow your custom specifications to ensure that you will receive the most suitable model of TLV1117LV18DCYR for you. 

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We can share with you fantastic ideas on marketing these high-quality electronic part products, like TLV1117LV18DCYR. With our understanding, you can indeed have or own your advantageous electronic components. Rantle makes sure of the benefit of our customers and clients with our released TLV1117LV18DCYR.

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Rantle is ready to operate 24/7 for your anytime inquiries and orders. Expect secure packaging and safe delivery of your limited or bulk ordered TI components TLV1117LV18DCYR. We make it possible to shorten the time delivery and importing your purchased products. Just let us know your choice.

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To learn more about Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts TLV1117LV18DCYR, please click the TLV1117LV18DCYR datasheet.

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