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Rantle is your ideal distributor of electronic devices and products in China. Rantle produces electronic components like the TLV1117LV33DCYR and TLV1117LV33DCYT. We pursue to remain an excellent supplier in the electronics industry. Rantle has a wide and best experience in the electronic industry.


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If you are looking for the best supplier and reliable source of TLV1117LV33DCYR Rantle is the best place to count. We have a different part number of electronic components to offer for you. And all of our TLV1117LV33DCYR devices is in good function and has stable performance.

The TLV1117LV33DCYR series of low-dropout direct regulators is a low input electricity form of the well-known TLV1117 energy thermostat. Rantle can produce an awesome electronic device that is perfect for your applications. Rantle TLV1117LV33DCYR is of the best quality.

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Texas Instruments(TI)  TLV1117LV33DCYR is an excellently low-power device that can use up to 500 times less quiescent current than a traditional 1117 energy thermostat, make the electronics perfect for desired purposes that mandate so low standby current. 

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Our TLV1117LV33DCYR device of LDOs has also enhanced the stability with 0 mA of load current, there is no minimum load needs, it makes the device perfect for the applications where the thermostat must be enhanced very small loads during substitute in addition to big currents on the order of 1 A in time of common operation. 

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The TLV1117LV33DCYR features the following, take the stability With 0-mA Output Current, High PSRR: 65 dB at 1 kHz, it’s minimal Ensured Current Limit: 1.1 A, Thermal Shutdown and Overcurrent Protection, Stable With Cost-Effective Ceramic Capacitors With 0-Ω ESR, and Absolute Maximum VIN = 6 V.

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Texas Instruments(TI) TLV1117LV33DCYR offers the best line and also load transient efficiency, affecting in very tiny significance disregard and jump of output electricity when the load current needs changes from at least  1 mA to more than 500 mA.

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The TLV1117LV33DCYR electronics are internally makeup to enhance the stability with 0-Ω counterpart orders resistance capacitors. These are the main benefits that enable the use of economical, small-size. Economical capacitors that can have higher bias energy and condition derating can also apply if you desired.

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If you are looking for a reliable distributor for your TLV1117LV33DCYR and TLV1117LV33DCYT needs you can always count on Rantle electronics. We have the best kind of electronic device to offer for you. We use the finest kind of materials and the best technique in producing our TLV1117LV33DCYR device.

Rantle is a professional distributor for any electronic parts. Rantle is one of the recommended distributors and suppliers in this industry. If you choose Rantle electronics as your distributor you are working with the right distributor. 

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Learn more about the TLV1117LV33DCYR, please click the TLV1117LV33DCYR datasheet.

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