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RANTLE TMP82C51AP-2 is an industry standard USART or Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Reciever/Transmitter. It is fabricated with silicon gate technology CMOS. TMP82C51AP-2 requires serial data comunication for extension system 8-bit microcomputer uses.

RANTLE TMP82C51AP-2  is packed in 28-pin Standard dual Inline Package (SDIP).

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The TMP82C51AP-2 synchronizes 5-8 bit character, external or internal character, single or double character, and automatic sync character.

RANTLE TMP82C51AP-2 can detect error parity, overrun and framing. TMP82C51AP-2 is double-buffered and full-duplex. Moreover, our device comes with different pins. It is the interface signals to CPU, Modem Control Signals, Transmit Control Signals, Receive Control Signals, and the power supply pin.

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The interface signal pin of TMP82C51AP-2 can inform the device that the CPU is Writing Data or Control Words to the device. It can also inform the device that CPU is in Status Information or Reading Data to the device.

Additionally, RANTLE TMP82C51AP-2 has Data Set Ready (DSR) input signals which inverting 1bit input port. It can be general purpose uses. Using the Status Read Operation, the condition of the input signal is tested by the CPU. Also, this input can be use to test the MODEM conditions.

TMP82C51AP-2 Distributor

The TMP82C51AP-2 has receive control signal pin that can be use in Synchronous Mode for SYNDET. It can also use as either programmable, input or output through the Control Word. By SYNDET pin, TMP82C51AP-2 device can indicate SYNC Character in the Receive mode. Also, RANTLE TMP82C51AP-2 has RxRDY output pin which indicates the Data Character of the device is ready to be input on the CPU.

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